Deserts of the world and their features

Our planet is rich in fertile soil, endless meadows, majestic forests, rivers and lakes, seas and oceans.However, a large area of ​​the Earth is desert world.Together, they captured a quarter of the total land area, with each year their area increases.

Their main feature is the lack of closeness vegetation.The reason - the high temperatures in the afternoon, the low - at night.It is this climate factor does not develop large species of flora in their diversity.This refers to the sandy, rocky and clay deserts.

There are deserts of the world, whose surface is covered with a thick layer of ice.It Antarctica and the Arctic.A characteristic feature of these plots are quite low temperatures throughout the year.Antarctica - the biggest in size around the globe.It ranks among the largest desert first.Arctic settled in third position.

Sahara Desert in Africa include, the Namib and the Kalahari.The first of these - the most extensive after the ice colossus.This sandy and rocky wasteland with a subtropical

climate stretches over enormous distances, affecting the territory of the eleven African countries.

Fauna desert presented a few species.In the context of rapidly changing daytime and nighttime temperatures and almost complete absence of any vegetation here survive and thrive camels, snakes, lizards and scorpions.However, the Sahara boasts of having its own exotic animal: the sands and rocks lives a little brisk Fenech having the name "Saharan fox."

Deserts of the World - the most sparsely populated area of ​​the planet.This is not surprising, because people are attracted by the availability of essential resources, chief among which is water.Therefore, no matter how attracted people desert the absence of important natural resources makes its existence in such conditions is almost impossible.

Registan Many have underground water, sometimes leaving the surface.Usually, in such places formed oases.That's around them and begins to hum with life.It should be noted that sometimes these places attract a huge number of not only the Bedouin nomads and tourists.For example, the oasis of Huacachina, located in the Peruvian Atacama Desert, is a small village whose population lives off the coast of the natural lake formed by groundwater.Here like to spend the tourists and residents of the nearby town.

Deserts of the World store a huge amount of secrets and mysteries.Currently, however, these huge sandy and rocky Registan used in industrial and scientific purposes.Thus, the American Mojave desert, located on the territory of California is home to a huge number of deployment of solar power.Another country, Jordan, boasts a successful use of desert land for planting crops.