White River (Adygea)

White River (Adygea) is well known not only ordinary tourists, but lovers of extreme sports.Summer there are short (one-day) rafting tours and competitions.Besides being able to raft up to the mouth of the river Kishi, you can also visit the picturesque places: Rufbago (waterfalls), Khadzhokhsky gorge Most Azishskaya cave.Part of the rafting route at high water considered particularly extreme.However, White River even during the low-water able to "donate" a large portion of adrenaline at the intersection of major rapids as Kish (first and second), Axes, Hatchets, Theatre (fifth category of complexity).For beginners, start with a simple best rafting (route "Granite Gorge - Dahovskaya village").

length of the largest water-bearing veins in the region - 260 kilometers.This is a powerful left-bank tributary of the Kuban, the total drop is 2280 meters (an average of about 840 centimeters per kilometer).

Basic Food White River receives from springs and streams Oshten, Abaga, Fisht.On the entire length of the tributaries there are 3460 (the largest of them - Pshekha, Kishi, Kurdzhips, Dach).

Breaking from the embrace of the mountain rock and subsoil Fischt Oshteny, she rushes to the top of the other - Chugush, soon to merge with its first tributaries - the River Birch, Chess, and Kishi.

Since the source and up to the village Hamyshki, escorted river gorges, deep and narrow.

overcome Dahovsky granite massif, the river White takes another tributary - Dah River (near the village Dakhovskaya).Then she has to make its way through the narrow gorges (Khadzhokhsky Gorge), decreasing in width from sixty meters to six, and only after reaching the valley of the Ammonites, the river at the time of "settling down."

Now her way goes past the village Abadzekh, Tula, Maikop, Belorechensk.Passing these items, the river flows into the reservoir of Krasnodar.

Adygea may be dispensed, regardless of the time of year except winter.The reason for the spring floods are melting glaciers (Oshten, Fischt), autumn - heavy rains.

White River has another name - Shhaguashe (Circassian), and each has its own name, amazingly beautiful story.

According to one legend, on the banks of the river once lived the prince, who brought after one of the military campaigns, a Georgian beauty Bella.Prince long sought her, but she refused to respond to him in return.Once, trying to protect themselves, the beauty dagger stabbed the prince and began to run.Overtake servants, she threw herself into the river and died in full flow.Since then, the river became known as Bella, but soon the name evolved a more harmonious - White.

second name is connected with the other, somewhat similar legend.In the upper reaches of the river once lived a rich old prince.Above his treasures he appreciated beautiful daughter named Shhaguashe ("imperious deer").Having decided to give his daughter to marry one day, the prince called horsemen and arranged match.The winner was to be his son in law, provided that it can, among other things, to please the princess.But Shhaguashe stubbornly silent.Even the best, the bravest, the most agile and the most beautiful horsemen could not melt the heart of the princess.

One night, the prince saw Shhaguashe quietly talking with a young shepherd.Enraged for evermore prince and shepherd homeless, and favorite daughter.He ordered his servants to sew up the couple in a sack and thrown into the White River.But when the bag is dropped, the shepherd of his cut and saved favorite.The couple settled in the forest: the princess milking domesticated reindeer herder and fished.

Years passed.Once at the hut came upon strangers, trying to get to the old prince reindeer milk.They also told us that a dying old man sadly recalls unruly Shhaguashe.I could not help the princess and decided to go to his father with the beloved.Prince saw the daughter, delighted and, finally, blessed her choice.

In every story can be traced rebellion, reflects the character of the river, winding, violent and unpredictable.