Coffee Maragogype Nicaragua - the drink that will surprise you

This type of coffee is unusual.It reduced caffeine content, its aroma - a whole bunch of floral notes of which depends on the area where he grew up, his grain is enormous compared with other relatives.This grade, Nicaragua Maragogype.

country that gave the world this wonderful drink

Coffee trees are known to have only two representatives, grains which are suitable for human consumption - is Arabica and Robusta.Maragogype, also known as "elephant grain" - Arabica, which was discovered near the town of the same name in Brazil, the State of Bahia.Shortly knew about it all the Hispanic population, which is now greatly admire him, and then by the entire world.Speaking of reverence, it is worth mentioning that coffee Maragogype Nicaragua took a significant segment of the market.A, respectively, and certain financial niche.But not only the money from the sale of coffee Maragogype Nicaragua (the price of which is quite high) forced farmers to respect this drink, but just the attitude to it as to the drink of the gods.Children from the age of small practically absorb the coffee with milk.

Maragogype Coffee Nicaragua: description palatability

taste of coffee has astringent bitterness, harmoniously connected with pronounced bouquet and floral notes of fruit, with subtle hints of wine with a characteristic invariably lightly sour.But the interesting point is that the severity of a property depends on the place where the tree grows.For example, corn grown in Guatemala deserve more positive reviews about the taste than those grown in Nicaragua.Besides these two countries, Maragogype can be found in Colombia and Mexico.All four of the country's cultivated taste different varieties of the same coffee.So, judging by the reviews of consumers, Colombian grains inherent flavor of baked milk and weak bitterness, Mexican - chocolate shades and bluff taste.Trees planted at a height of six to seven hundred meters above sea level, they are huge grain - three to four times more than conventional varieties, and yields considerable.Unfortunately, the trees very much express their whimsical to weather conditions and soil, and, consequently, can not give stable progeny, on the one hand, is not very happy the people are engaged in their cultivation, and on the other hand,significantly increases their value.

Brew a cup of coffee and get instant energy boost

Brewing coffee Maragogype Nicaragua by all the rules, you get a thick brew with a sweet brandy, is incredibly strong and instantly refreshing.Its taste is so incomparable with the usual coffee, to which we are accustomed, that some are mixed and several varieties of coffee drinks prepared complex with multi-faceted flavors depending on their choice of varieties.In Latin America, the variety of Nicaragua called "velvet".Despite his castle, he gently envelops you from inside your taste and chocolate-hazelnut flavor.No wonder the variety belongs to the elite, and has a fairly high price.A kilo of beans in this class is from 2,000 rubles.You can buy the product in a small packing - 0.5 kg, 250 g or 100 at a price of 500 rubles.Different suppliers prices may be different, but this sort of low cost can not.One wonderful aftertaste of bitterness and floral notes for a long time to accompany you after taking the coffee is of such huge money.

Why the taste is different

tasted the drink for the first time, do not rush to conclusions.You can not just take and unambiguously express their opinions about coffee Maragogype Nicaragua.Each person can find his taste something different, which is not noticed by others.In the opinion of someone opens the whole floral bouquet, another heard a creamy notes and the rest faded into the background.Of course, it all depends on the conditions of storage, grind size from the right technology and the degree of roasting, the method of brewing - someone needs to take the time and it just flood the finely milled grain hot water, while others allow themselves to coffee, just cookedin Turku.While it is cooking in Turku - is recommended to drink this cooking method.

Reviews: coffee beans Maragogype Nicaragua - whether to buy

Additional reviews can be found advice from fans about the real coffee grind.In their opinion, it is better if you grind the beans to a medium grit and coarser gives a lot of acid.But someone managed to brew the coffee so that the acidity did not exist.

Lovers of coffee with milk do not worry about what the milk in any way interrupt or spoil the taste of the drink.No, this will not be perfect symbiosis of these two components, but for those who do not like sour milk or cream can help to reduce it to virtually zero.About Nicaragua coffee Maragogype reviews almost all only positive.

Where can I get this kind of coffee

If you live in a small town and you find it hard to find a coffee Maragogype Nicaragua "in the community, the services of online stores will come to you for help. There are a lot of proposals, among which is not difficult to get lost. You can buyAll four of the above type of coffee, and offer different amounts (in grams). That is, if a hunting take coffee on the sample, it is possible to acquire upakovochku with grains weighing 100 grams, if more, there is a 250-gram package and polukilogrammovye. If there is a desire on their own fry grain, you can buy them green. If there is no grinder, the shops have to offer them in the milled form. There are also many promotional offers as example is an offer to purchase for half a kilogram of all four grades at a discount, andyou will be sent a special gift tin box for storage of coffee. So lovers of this drink can enjoy them anywhere in the world.Just give yourself a clear target, defined with the necessary quantity, variety and order in the areas audited by one of your friends.Be vigilant in this regard, if you want to indulge in a cup of high-end beverage.