How to learn to skate: practical tips for beginners

When winter comes, the person has a desire to skate.This strengthens the health and mood lifts, and a good time is assured.The only trouble is that not everyone is able to stand on skates.Realizing that it is necessary to learn, and many reach rinks, arguing that "stand on skates I have never in my life will turn out."But why, after all once could not stand, and when we have learned, then wonder how can you not love this sport.

you do not know how to learn to skate?Do not worry, spending some free time, you can quickly master the basic moves that will allow you to stand steadily on the ice.

Choosing skates

To start, you will get to know how to choose skates.Since you are a beginner, you can start to take the skates for hire, but you can buy.In fact, to fit any skate skiing, be it hockey, curly or for free skating.However, the last option for you would be the most suitable, you also are not going to make complex movements and turns.Buy skates only in size of his feet.Many people believe that the

y should be one or two sizes larger, but it is the root of the false statement.In such skaters you'll not only feel uncomfortable, but did not avoid the appearance of bloody blisters.Skates on the leg have to sit tight, you need to lock them tight tie shoelaces.


Since learn to skate - it is not one day, you will have at least twice a week to attend a skating rink.Frequent training - good success.For classes unfrequented rollers or choose a time when the number of tourists to them a little.If you have the opportunity, you can hire a trainer, who for a couple of lessons can put you on the ice.You can seek help from a friend who is already a long time standing on skates.But if both of these options in your case irrelevant, will have to learn on their own.

Ask yourself: "How to learn to skate?" And bought skates, you can safely go to the rink, where you expect the most real test.It was only collected their will in a fist, you will be able to overcome them.Yes, it will be difficult, but will have to wait.

Learning to ride

Put on skates and lace them tight.Poorly tightened skates will hamper your movement.Now go to the rink, but do not immediately go into battle.Limit stand at a side.This is in order to get your feet used to the new "shoes" and to feel the ice.

Since you can not always be in a position to break away from the side still have.Release the hands and bend your knees.Note that only on bent knees, you can learn to skate.On straight legs you go you do not succeed, the only thing you will, this fall.So, legs bent, what to do?Try to make small movements, putting the goal is not to travel a long distance and stay on his feet and not fall.By the way, landing on the ice, and you will have not one, because to learn to skate without falling is simply impossible.Fall, by the way, also need to be able to.Try to do it sideways, but not back.

little getting used to, begin to move.Remember one more thing, it is not necessary to carry out the motion teeth, but do not sleep to go.Wait a while and then try again.Along the way your body itself will tell you how and what to do.Here, the main training.Puts on skates once, do not throw anything but continue to go hard to the goal.

And a few words about the braking.The easiest option is to drive to the side.If you want to stay in the midst of the rink, then try to expand the legs bent slightly forward skates socks.Well, or wait until the horses do not stop.This is a beginner enough.

not doubt that you will succeed.However, do not ask too much from yourself.Anyway, you can not just learn how to sharpen skates or make difficult turn.All come with time, as well as faith in your abilities.It does not matter to you twenty years old or forty.