Ampere's Law.

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In the 21st century seems to be open all the laws of nature.Magnetism, electricity, atomic and molecular world is an open book.However, many laws discovered a hundred years ago, does not lose relevance to this day, being the basis of many of our usual subjects.First of all, we are talking about electricity.Name Andre Ampere, French physicist and inventor, not only gave the name of a physical law, and is well known to physicists and students throughout the world due to the phenomenon described.

In 1820, based on Oersted described the interaction of the magnetic needle and the electrical current flowing through the wire, Amper has made the most important discovery, called Ampere's Law.Its formulation is as follows in brief:

passing an electric current in one direction through the two conductors arranged parallel to each other, leading to their mutual repulsion.Passing it in different directions ceteris paribus causes the mutual attraction of two conductors.

In addition to these findings, visible to the naked eye, Ampere's law includes a number of concepts that are open to the same investigator at the same time.

Having concluded the behavior of the two conductors by passing a current through them in different directions, a French scientist, began to explore the forces that provide them such behavior.The logic of his reasoning was simple: an electric current is passed through a conductor creates a magnetic field.Figuratively it can be represented as concentric circles framing section of the conductor.Another conductor, with the proviso that it is parallel to the first and the distance between them is small, enters the area of ​​influence of the magnetic field, resulting in a force acting on the atoms of the conductor and leads them in motion.Ampere's law also helps explain the observation emerged:

  • magnetic field is the result of any leakage of electric current;
  • magnetic field affects the moving electric charges.

Based on Realized experiment and results, Andre Ampere linked forces and phenomena affecting the conductors at the time of electric current through them, so Ampere's law can be represented by the formula:

F = IBl sin a .

Where F - Ampere force, ie,force acting on the current-carrying conductor in the magnetic field;

I - current;

l - the length of the conductor;

B - the magnitude of the magnetic induction;

sin a - sine of the angle formed between the vector of magnetic induction and conductor.

Ampere force - a vector quantity, ie,Available destinations.Identify it can use the so-called "Rules of the left hand" :

  • four fingers of the left hand are directed towards the direction of current flow, the magnetic induction (B) in this part of the palm perpendicular.Then the direction of the current will point bent in the plane of the palm of your thumb.

In modern science, the application of Ampere's law, mainly accounted for the production of electrical engineering.In particular, we are talking about speakers and speaker.The principle of operation speaker, for example, is to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy.Coil - the foundation of any speaker or speaker - passes through a alternating current whose frequency corresponds to the frequency of the microphone or speaker.As the law of Ampere, the coil begins to waver under the influence of the current, vibrations are transmitted parallel to the axis of the diaphragm loudspeaker device.As a result, emitted sound waves that we hear.

In addition, he created Ampere's Law, the inventor known for having left his name in physics for centuries, since it was awarded a unit measurement of current.