Libra Male, female Leo compatibility in love and marriage

Libra Male, female Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius - why some couples are literally doomed to what they have to part, or vice versa - to spend a lifetime together?The answer to this question will help astrology.


In fact, signs of the zodiac are twelve different sectors, separated by a point at which there are fixed stars.Astrology started in ancient Rome, and even then, astronomers could not only describe the nature of the person depending on his date of birth, but also to predict a global event for the country.

Even then, the most successful marriages are the ones where the signs are fully consistent with each other, although there were also exceptions to the principle of "opposites attract."Therefore male Libra, female lion, for example, could make a pair with signs opposite in meaning.Since then, little has changed, and now many people seek the advice of astrologers to know how a potential partner for the future family life.Of course, thanks to modern technology, we can more accurately determine the position of the stars and, based on this, to make a more detailed horoscope for each.


born under this zodiac sign are different people diligent behavior.In society, they are intelligent and they honor the cultural norms of morality.

characteristics of the men were born under the sign of Libra

Endowed mind, very erudite, very sociable - that's what a man has the basic characteristics of Libra.Woman Leo, in turn, also has a high intellect and ability to respond quickly, but more on that later.So man scales much on ideas, which they are happy to tell everyone around.Sometimes such frankness playing against them.

Despite the quiet nature, Libra love to argue and do not miss the opportunity to prove a point, but never too far.Because of the natural sociability such men do an excellent job with any conflicts.Scales - wonderful business, as are able not only to communicate with people, but also because they always find an optimal solution to the problem that will satisfy all the participants in the negotiations.

sometimes calm is replaced by apathy and melancholy, it happens, if someone decides to command them that a man does not like Libra.A female lion in the plan as time can cause it irritation, since by its nature it is a lion will try to occupy a dominant position in the family.

man Libra in dealing with women

attentive and courteous, he is able to charm at first sight.By virtue of erudition and erudition impress a woman Libra there is no trouble.Never increase the tone does not concern sensitive issues during the conversation, the perfect companion and a wonderful gentleman charm you, even if it looks not very attractive.Before going to any action, he carefully all calculates and selects the most optimal position in order to achieve their goal.

The same trait often leads him, as when you need to act quickly and decisively, the man Libra falls into a stupor.Therefore, in such situations, he prefers to remain neutral.

Men of this sign of the zodiac rather give great importance to public opinion, so he is trying to please everyone.But you can not always be a positive hero, and sometimes Libra have to refuse people, as they are usually long experience and try to win back the man who had hurt.


People born from 23 July to 23 August, really show all the qualities of a true leader.Strong power and active Lions always achieve their goals and know what they want.

characteristics of women born under the sign of Leo

Lionesses are very reasonable and optimistic.Despite its nature a leader, the company is usually kept quiet.The leader by nature, a female lion holds a leading position in the relationship, but nonetheless in a society it is always kept behind her husband.

Lions in relations rather allow yourself to love.They appreciate that fought for them and sought their indulgence.If a man was able to win the heart of a lioness he can be sure that the passion never goes out because the woman born under the sign of Leo, different temperament and activity.

appreciate what women Lions

For a queen important deeds, not words.It can be pleasant surprises, unusual visits, expensive gifts and so on. D. By nature strong Lioness appreciate in a man the power and sense of purpose.

relationship between Leo and Libra

Although these zodiac signs are quite different, the lions with Libra add up strong alliances.Complementing each other, they do find their happiness.Love Libra and Leo maintained by constant interest in each other.A strong, imperious and impetuous Lioness always listens to the advice of the wise and peaceful man, born under the sign of Libra.This union is dynamic.Leo and Libra - is a great example of how sometimes the differences in the nature can harmoniously "get along" with each other.Of course, their influence is not only the star, but also other factors.In addition, it should take into account the fact that if the lioness was born in the 20 days of August, in her character will be next on the list notes the zodiacal constellations.The same applies to all other people.

Marriage: man + woman Leo Libra

However, as in any relationship, maintaining love requires effort, so each of the partners is necessary for something to change.

man Libra will be happy to get rid of the burden of responsibility and trust their decisions lioness which, in turn, with a willingness to share her energy with her husband.A female lion can always be sure that it will support half of it, and even if it is not loud arguing and screaming at her abuser, he is sure to find a way to defend her honor.

Married, these two characters learn from each other and are constantly being improved, so every year of their relationship to the next level.Where a man can not handle Libra, Leo, a woman is required to resolve it quickly, and if the lioness will be in a panic, her husband certainly soothe your spouse and find exactly the arguments that were so necessary.

about their shortcomings partners are well aware of, so they do not have to "open their eyes" to each other.Support, respect, patience and love - these are the main components of successful marriage between the signs of the zodiac.

Libra and Leo love to spend joint leisure, they are happy to go to the movies, theater, travel and so on nature. D. In spite of the differences of temperament, tastes, they often coincide.

In conclusion, finding the meaning of life in each other such pairs become the standard of ideal relationship, where the role of the cold heads performs Libra man.Leo-woman, in turn - a symbol of passionate heart that captivates his impulsiveness and openness.The harmony of this union will exist for many years, provided that both partners are working on a daily basis.Motivating each other, Leo and Libra can achieve career heights, thanks to the support and helpful advice.Everyday life together will present this pair of new surprises.