How the Image Stabilizer

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camera shake is one of the significant factors that influence the quality of the footage.Before there was the image stabilizer, photography was only possible with the use of a tripod.Only in this way it was possible to ensure excellent results.However, very often the use of a tripod deprives us of mobility and agility.Canon has developed a unique system of its kind optical stabilization allows you to bypass this restriction.

should be noted that in such a system used gyroscopes, but they are quite tiny, and used exclusively as a sensor for locking movement of the lens, there is not some massive rotating metal pancakes, associated with the use of a huge battery and an electric motor for their torsion.It is believed that these devices require a large amount of energy, but it is fundamentally not true.Of course, if it will operate the clock, the power consumption will be felt.

image stabilizer: The principle of the

Let's look at the most important points concerning the operation of the device.The image stabilizer shifts the objective lens in a plane parallel to the film.If the lens is moved due to the shocking, the light beams are moved away from their positions in relation to the optical axis, and becomes a cause of the blurred images.If the shift lens stabilization in a plane which is perpendicular to the plane of the film, to the extent necessary to compensate for the motion of the lens, it is possible to achieve the effect, when the rays that reach the film plane, remain practically motionless.The center of the image moves down the film.If the displacement occurs stabilization lens group in the vertical direction, the beams are designed for the imaging are refracted, then the center of the image at the center of the frame.Such parasitic movements take place in both directions, so the lens can also be shifted in both directions perpendicular to the axis of the lens and parallel to the plane of the film.

Image stabilizer - is not only the movement of the lens.Any movement of the camera, always caught two gyroscopic sensor type.They determine the angle and speed of the camera shake, which is characteristic of situations where shooting is done with it.Sensors are located in a special unit, which allows them to protect against errors associated with operation of the gate, or in response to movement of the mirror.

stabilizing lens unit have a direct drive from the core.Such a device is small, lightweight, consumes little power, its response time is very small.Optical image stabilizer very effective way to compensate for the vibration frequency of 0.5-20 Hz.

can incrementally paint operation of the device:

- when you press the shutter release button is activated stabilizing lens group and gyroscopic sensors to determine the movement of the camera;

- sensors detect the angle and speed of vibration, and the information supplied to the microcomputer;

- this information is processed by a microcomputer in the device management command stabilization, followed by their transfer;

- shifts the image stabilizer lens group perpendicular to the axis;

- during such a shift sensors process the information and then transmit it to the microcomputer;

- microcomputer control signals are compared with the signals from the device detection, control osuschestlyaya received feedback.So increased degree of precision in the lens groups of stabilization.

Excellent functioning of the stabilizer can be seen when using the camera, Canon DM-XL1.