Flooding in America: Statistics for the past 100 years

Despite the fact that the flood in America - not too frequent, it is different scale.Proof of this fact can serve as floods that occurred in 1927, 1993 and 2009.The main feature of US floods is that in most cases they are caused by hurricanes.In addition, it sometimes contributes to the relief of some US states.For example, when long showers canyons instantly filled with water, which quickly leads to a truly disastrous consequences.

Flooding in America in 1927 Flood.Photo

One of the most devastating floods considered the US Mississippi River spill that occurred in 1927.The level of destructiveness of this natural disaster is often compared with the notorious Hurricane Katrina in 2005 More summer of 1926 began the big rains, due to which the water level in many of the tributaries of the Mississippi became critical.And in April 1927, long-term and persistent rainfall triggered the output of this river banks.

flow almost twice the height of Niagara Falls.Not surprisingly, he is easily knocked down the dam near Greenville.It was damaged several dams.In general, it was flooded 10 states.Most of all suffered Arkansas.Water began to recede only by August.Consequences of the flood were catastrophic:

  • left homeless 700 thousand. Man;
  • killed 246 people;
  • material damage amounted to $ 400 million.

worth noting that the disaster was called significant political and social consequences.In addition, it appears in culture (literature and music).

Flooding in America in 1993

reason of the flood began constant snowfall and rains, which continued throughout the autumn and winter of 1992-1993.As a result, water levels in many rivers exceeded the norm by 7 times.Mississippi and Missouri, as well as their tributaries overflowed.Natural disaster lasted for about six months (April-October).The consequences are as follows:

  • killed 32 people;
  • were flooded 800 thousand. Km2;
  • destroyed tens of thousands of homes.

after US officials described the floods began to review policies regarding the floodplains.Much attention was paid to the location of dams, as well as monitoring of wetlands.Also, the government has decided to buy out the residents of flooded areas of land situated in the territories of river flooding.There were organized natural areas, where flooding will be less dangerous.

Flooding in America in 2008

the summer of 2008 to the United States hit a series of cyclones that triggered heavy rains that caused flooding.Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes.In Iowa, the river flooded the whole city.The roads were washed away, bridges destroyed, the power is out.The water began to subside only after half a month after the "start" disaster.As a result of this natural disaster killed 24 people (flood in Russia in 2012 claimed 171 lives) and the Iowa 40 thousand. People were left homeless.In addition, farms were flooded, which is why food prices have risen significantly.