Relationship with a divorced man: Where to look for pitfalls

Divorced men - a separate category, which calls for a careful examination and competent approach.Divorced men, after such a serious step as divorce, are beginning to develop a new model of behavior, and everyone is their own.

Parrot Kesha. Pretty much pining for his ex-wife.Despite the fact that the very first wanted to break, then strongly regretted it.Ex-wife - the meaning of his life.Incredibly wants to resume relations.Such a man can marry his, if he finds in you traits of his former, and you will be able to be his indispensable companion that can come to the rescue anytime, anywhere.The main show - without you it can not make a single step.

Prodigal parrot. He also strongly yearns, but not by his ex-wife, and their relationships.Therefore, even back in the old family he did not want too, the decision most of the issues of his relatives, including his ex-wife, he takes on.Such a man is ready for a serious relationship, but to dare to marry him hard.Your relationship should eclipse his former experience.But be prepared that he will always fasten the bulb in the former home.And most of all, to the detriment of time that could hold you.

Free Bird (the first option). After the divorce, he fully enjoys the free life.To burden himself, he does not intend and is ready except for a short relationship.New passion only as regards the possibility of a good time.He enjoys a good attitude.Such a man will not be too respectful treat you.And your relationship will be considered not so serious to think about your feelings.

Free Bird (the second option). situation is more complicated.Divorce for him - like the discovery of the cell.Freedom and open relationship - the meaning of his life.He is not ready even at short novels.Women's favor and change them more often than gloves.At the same time he is trying not to choose women above his social status.He has a fear that the beautiful and intelligent partner make him love me, that will lead to a repetition of the sad experience called "marriage."His preferences are limited to girls who are ready for entertainment without duties.

misogynist. After an unsuccessful marriage hates all feminine.Ex-wife - the embodiment of hell in his life.Ready for a relationship, but not always is serious.It may decide on a serious relationship, to take revenge on his ex-wife.Therefore, a large and bright love with a guy should not count.

Sleepwalker. men after divorce, often losing his life landmarks.Once settled life changes drastically and to adjust to new circumstances men are not so simple.This pattern of behavior is very common.As a rule, such a man is ready for a new relationship, and considering his new love interest as a future wife.The main thing is to take place "in the mind of the king", which was once occupied by his ex-wife, and put him on the right path in life.

eternal child. These men divorced from a previous lover, because they loved as long as the wife was a good mother to him.From his wife, he needs a lot of attention, affection and care.If the quality of the components begins to decrease (for example, after the birth, when a woman pays much attention to the baby), he immediately craves break.The probability that he will change around you, is almost zero.

So, no matter what model of behavior has not accepted your divorced bachelor, do not forget about the rules of conduct with divorced men:

1. Information - your weapon. Try to learn as much information about why he divorced, that was the real cause of the break.This will help determine the order if you want the relationship.After all, if his wife was "woman-saw" with the words even family friends and all their quarrels ended it with the phrase "go away", it can be understood.Well, if the reason for the divorce became his eternal treason, which knew the city, be ready, and that you will not be true.Of course, it is not necessary to arrange interviews.And all that's important to know you better ask his friends

2. Pay attention to what he says about his ex-wife and children. if only negative responses, it is possible that in your side, if you break, will fly these unpleasant words.Well, the children - it is generally separate issue.If he responds negatively about them - this is a very alarming sign.

3. The opinion keep to themselves. about his former family, he could only speak.Do not let its assessment in some events of their lives with his ex-wife.This can negatively customize it towards you.

4. Clearly define your role in your relationship. not regret it and does not fulfill all his wishes without question.And, of course, stop all attempts by his former wife in any way interfere with you.Remember, your future should worry him more than his former family.Otherwise, the relationship will turn into a struggle with its past.

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