How to inventory investment

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known that accountants often have to deal with the documents of various kinds.They must always have all the necessary information to deliver timely reports and securities.Sometimes accountant rather big distance to be overcome in order to bring certain documents.We know that if you do not do this in a clearly specified quarterly period, the penalty does not take long to wait.It turns out that the accountant should not only keep pace with all the calculate and draw, but Yeshe and courier work and take all the documents in these instances, of which there are many.How all this time?

Especially for such cases there is a magic wand for all accountants and other people who are looking for reliable ways to deliver documents to the other institutions.It usually has a name - inventory investment.What is the this operation and what is it?

you come to the post office, fill out the forms proposed, which records the names of all the documents that you want to send.Postal workers carefully check that all the documents were available.Then, when it sealed envelope and you make out your precious letter.Then, write the address and send to the destination.To make your nerves were completely calm, you can fill out and act of receiving the letter.The recipient received your message with securities shall acknowledge receipt of the signature.This form will be sent to you personally in the same way - a confirmation of the delivery you will find in your mailbox.

Naturally, a long time, many did not dare trust the postal workers transfer of securities or a major market.The reason is simple: we all remember the case of the mass loss of the letter.Now, however, this operation can clearly be seen.If you have made an inventory of valuable investments in a letter, and then sent it to the specified address, you is not going to happen.It is this procedure and protects you about different kinds of incidents.

So, how inventory is made in the letter?Typically, the standard form 107. It can be downloaded from any website, print and fill in the office, but the right to do it yourself at the post office.By the way, inventory investment includes the following columns you have to fill out "inventory investments" - 1 line, where you have to write a standard phrase - "valuable letter," Line 2 - "Where," where you write the address of the organization that sendsthis message.3 line - "In the name of."In it you write the name and initials of the person to whom the message is intended, that is, this is the name of the recipient.

then 107 will be in the form of a table consists of 4 columns.1 - the serial number of the document, 2 column has a name - "Name things" - you'll have to write down zavanie each document.3 column contains the number of documents - you specify the sheet 1, 2 or 3 sheets.A fourth will contain the value of the ruble.For each line you write the name of the document in the column "name ..." and then the number of sheets in the column 3, and the price of 4. It's pretty simple.

After fill in the table, writes - "The overall result values", such as a sheet 3, 300 rubles.Painted in the "Sender".Then, in the line "check" the employee wrote his initials posts by previewing documents that you send.And only after that a letter is sealed.On the envelope you write the address again, on top of postal worker says - "valuable letter."Here, in fact, the whole procedure.

Why inventory investment?The fact is that if the message does not reach to the destination, you can confirm the fact of sending by check, which will be given to you in the mail.In addition, inventory investment will be registered in a database postal department whose services you have used.And then you will be able to prove his innocence, if the documents do not come in one direction or the organization in time.Although this will not happen: inventory investment - is a reliable way to transfer valuable documents from sender to receiver.