Powdered milk for animals: the advantages and features of the application

One of the most common branches of modern livestock is cattle breeding.As a result, it is becoming increasingly important questions about the specifics of breeding cattle.Especially important is the question of the content and feeding calves.As feed often use whole milk, but it becomes uneconomic under current conditions.So now quite popular is the milk for animals.

Milk - soluble powder produced by drying natural pasteurized cow's milk.


Powdered milk for animals, the price is not very high, is available to every owner of the farm.The cost of milk powder is about 45-65 rubles.per kilogram.Of course, the price depends on the quality of the product (the content of nutrients, vitamins, manufacturers, and so on).

Where can I buy milk

Powdered milk for animals can be bought in specialized stores of many companies that are engaged in the manufacture of agricultural products.Also, it is sold in various stores, which offer everything necessary for such farms.

Powdered milk for calves: benefits

increased popularity of drinking milk replacer while feeding calves due to the fact that in our time in the livestock farms increased their herds.This leads to the fact that increasing the costs of the animal.As part of the milk goes to feeding calves, reducing the amount that is available for sale.As a result, the economy suffers great losses.


solve this problem has allowed the use as feed for calves of milk powder, which has a lot of advantages in comparison with the consumption of the natural product.

  • Milk prevents the transmission of diverse diseases from the cow-mother (a frequent occurrence when feeding the calf naturally).
  • reduces the cost of rearing by increasing the number of dairy products, which are for sale.
  • Drinking milk powder promotes consume more feed and consequently more rapid development of the animals.
  • dry milk for calves animals gives all the necessary nutrients, including various vitamins and minerals, which are generally lacking in conventional milk, and in the production of milk powder is considered this specificity.

Features of use of dry feed

Enter in the diet of milk for animals should be in small portions.It is possible to gradually transfer them to food, consisting entirely of natural analog product.Calves drink milk powder can only be over the age of 3 months.

In practice, farmers increasingly prefer to eat food high in calories.Thus, in particular, is often used instead of milk replacer starter feed.The composition of the product should include at least 15 percent fat and 20 percent of the normal protein.Adding fat with proper feeding will increase the energy consumption and, of course, will increase productivity without all diseases of the stomach.Plus, important minerals and various vitamins.In addition, some milk replacer contains in its composition antidiarrheal antibiotic.

is now becoming increasingly popular substitute for powdered milk for young animals, the qualitative characteristics which, according to the manufacturers are not inferior to the parameters of the natural product.In addition, it is cheaper in comparison with natural, it has a long shelf life and is more comfortable in possession.When all this is often used for its manufacture genetically modified soybeans.

Today in the economy often as fodder for a / s animal use milk powder.This allows to make farming much more profitable.In addition, calf milk has a lot of advantages compared with conventional, therefore it is necessary to advise it as a good agent for accelerating the growth of livestock.