Why ruble depreciates ?What to do if the ruble depreciates ?The ruble falls , what consequences to expect ?

catastrophic situation in Ukraine led to a sharp depreciation of not only the national currency, the hryvnia and the Russian ruble.At the moment, this is the main reason why the ruble depreciates.The situation is deplorable for all budget organizations, financial institutions, and first of all this is a significant blow to the wallets of ordinary citizens.Mortgages, loans in foreign currency devastated pockets of the population has become very difficult to pay debts when salaries, pensions, social benefits have not risen any stage.What does "falling ruble"?Speaking the language understood by all, is the process of reducing the value of the Russian currency against the dollar and the euro.

It should be noted that the ruble falls, together with the currencies of developing countries.This suggests that the majority of depositors withdraw their deposits, thereby bankrupted some banking institutions and led to a reduction in price of assets and other securities.

mood of the Russian people regarding the current situation

ruble falls and this fall in panic perceive the citizens of Russia, as the gross part of the turnover in the country is due to purchases in neighboring countries, as well as the exchange or supply of food takes place at the exchange rate of the US dollar,the current prices of the country differ greatly from the previous estimate of goods.

If you take, for example, the Chinese, they are completely indifferent to the dollar.In the words of the leader of the country: "If our currency suddenly collapse, the prices of products and goods will not rise, as is the case in Russia, we still produce ourselves.However, such financiers as yours, in the PRC would have been fired long ago ... ยป

most important reason, because of which people are very concerned about the question of why the ruble depreciates - everyone is afraid of another devaluation.After all, as recently as 1998., The ruble against the US dollar fell more than threefold, namely c 6 rub. / Dollar.and up to 21 rubles. / US $., which has a detrimental effect on the subsistence minimum for each citizen of the country.

What can cause the fall of the ruble?

Continuing the theme of the fall of the ruble, it should be noted that the sharp decline could result in a sharp increase and currency.Unfortunately, ordinary citizens, not finding an answer to the question: "The ruble depreciates - what to do?" - To panic and change rubles for dollars or euros.This is not entirely correct.Financial experts warn that the good reasons for the accumulation of foreign exchange is not.The main thing - do not panic and do not create conditions for the economic decline in the country.

way, not only the ruble recently fell into the trap of devaluation.Also, the Australian dollar, the Turkish lira, the Argentine peso.This suggests that steel output in large deposits, which are the raw materials, and, accordingly, to invest in US debt securities, the yield of which will grow and grow.

possible strengthening of the ruble?

Will cheaper ruble?According to recent studies of the Central Bank, the strengthening of the national currency is possible when the Russian economy out of stagnation.And the current situation with the ruble is in the final stage, more than sagging currency should not happen.Such are the comforting predictions for today.

population (as mentioned above) is worried about the fact that the ruble depreciates.What should I do in this situation?It is important to support the economy of the country and not to withdraw deposits en masse own.This is a big blow to the banking institutions, it is easy to deduce all of the usual bed and difficult to restore.

problem of currency devaluation in Russia caused by external factors, especially the situation in the neighboring country - Ukraine.Fluctuations in world currency markets began in early August, when international provider S & amp; P downgraded the United States.This led to the collapse of the stock markets.And investors do not want to withdraw their funds in foreign capital, it is important to take into account the global situation on the currency market.It is difficult to talk about the stability of the dollar or the euro.Each currency has a side risk is not always the US capital will be able to save the savings from instability.

How to keep their savings?

In what currency to keep their savings when the ruble depreciates?Financiers are advised to distribute the contributions, do not store them in the same currency, no matter how stable it may seem.You can make buying gold and real estate, is a good alternative at the moment.

If the depositor small amount of money, you should not waste your time on trifles.According to economists, the money should be kept in the currency in which you plan to spend the money afterward.The thing is that to sell or buy a currency at a favorable rate, you can simply not enough.Situations of currency change very quickly, so people who are not employed in the financial sector, are simply unable to keep track of changes in exchange rates.

What to do steps to strengthen the national currency of the Russian Federation?

  1. Enlarge growth of gross output, as well as reduce the supply of foreign products, replacing it completely on your own product.
  2. matter how sad sounds, but wage growth in Russia is undermining its competitiveness.
  3. reduce the growth of spending of the country lead to the stability of the budget economy.
  4. Increase in oil prices, according to statistics 1% of the cost of raw materials raises the ruble by 0.2%.
  5. attract the central bank for taking custody of the ruble.Last time Russia has withdrawn from the custody of the National Bank, and this has led to uncontrolled growth and a fall in currency in world markets.

You can talk a lot, but as the show itself the national currency - is very difficult to predict.It is important to do the right steps to strengthen it, do not invest a lot of money in questionable and not so important for the next project.

reasons for the decline of the ruble

said that billionaire funding the Olympics in Sochi became one of the causes of the problem of why the ruble depreciates.Russia badly assessed the strength of the economy, do not keep track of expenses and income of the country.Also, many politicians accuse the Ukraine in the current deplorable situation.For a loan of one million dollars, which is issued by Russia, it was taken from the reserve fund, which was supposed to support the ruble.But all this is just silly talk and nothing more.After all, how can a great country bankrupt Russian loan for a small impoverished neighboring country?There is another reason why the ruble depreciates.The fall of the ruble due to the negative side of the fraternal peoples, America and other countries of the ruling.Unstable political and economic situation in Ukraine, Crimea illegitimate transfer of the ownership of Russia - is to undermine the authority of the Russian Federation.

All the current situation in the country rests on the shoulders of citizens with srednestaticheskogo earnings.Without investments in investments and other precious metals or documents, people hoard the currency, which tomorrow will pay for the purchase.On the one hand, it is essential to promote the strengthening of the ruble on the domestic market, on the other hand, will allow the national currency does not depreciate.

inevitable factor

Last time in Russia began to significantly increase the price of real estate, transportation, tours, utilities and some food.To avoid a rise in prices was not possible, because in relation to the dollar all previous prices do not correspond to the sums of procurement.Special Commission are trying to stop a sharp jump in prices on the world market, and thereby stabilize the domestic economic situation in the country.

positive side

"Last year, the Russian economy went into stagnation. It hurts the Russian state finances, which is most acute local budgets, - said Eric Nyman. - At the same time the easiest way to fill the budget money that you can share with the localauthorities, it is the depreciation of the ruble. "

Thus, it is possible that if the exchange rate falls, this will play a role in the economic and political situation in Russia.All of these situations cause a lot of negative and positive emotions political scientists all over the world are taking an active part in the life of the Russian Federation.

optimistic forecasts

is predicted as rapid fall of the ruble and the increase in the currency in the near future.In the month of May 2014 promise to the stability of the national currency, which can balance the current economic situation in the country.

How long the ruble will fall?The crisis did not predict.National Bank said the gradual recovery of the ruble, after a sharp drop in non-durable stability will come, and soon the currency will begin to slowly rise.