Health "royal" colors

Did you know that the color purple is considered the true royal?The robes of the color traditionally sported monarchs, because afford clothes that color could not all.No wonder tea "Chang-Shu" is the infusion of noble purple color, because it can be safely called the king of teas.

Purple tea - a rare variety of drinks that are grown and prepared in the highlands of Nepal and Tibet for many thousands of years.Growing up on the giant height of 3.5 thousand meters above sea level, this tea as absorbed as much of the sun, mountain freshness, mineral trace elements and vitamins.The effect of its use is akin to the throat of a rarefied mountain air, gives strength and endurance.

But what is it unique?First of all - in a stunning property to destroy the excess fat in the human body.How does such a natural fat burner?It causes the body to speed up metabolism, producing more power and surpassing it fat.Of course, a way to get rid of the extra kilos medicine is also used at all.But if almost all medication drugs, dietary supplements and diets are harmful to health, purple tea can not only give a slim figure, but also significantly rejuvenate the body.It is a natural and completely harmless drug, which is created by nature itself.

When etmo its effectiveness is confirmed by dietitians and hygiene standards and sanitary and epidemiological certificates.With regular use he has a healthy effect on the skin, hair and nails.It is noticed that the fans tea purple skin is less prone to fading, and his hair turns gray and falls out rarely.Moreover, it can improve skin tone and restore elasticity of the skin, negating the existing wrinkles.

Also, it is capable of appreciably restoring visual acuity due to its composition contained in trace elements and vitamins.And in the conditions of urban life, and that is teeming with stress, it is purple tea will help calm the nervous system without any harm to the general condition of the body.Add to this the pleasant taste and aroma, as well as unusual color, and it becomes clear that this tea - a real godsend for people choosing a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the teas.

But do not think that because of this miraculous beverage weight will disappear as if by magic and the body of the night will be the youngest.The process of losing weight with the help of purple tea is gradual, but eventually the body will not only fit, but also to restore tone.And if you regularly drink this tea twice a day for three months, the result will not take long.Weight loss after such a rate up to 30 kg, but no damage to the body will not.Such effects on the body is no accident purple tea making more and more popular throughout the world.