Geography lesson: the extreme point of North America

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Let's start with the fact that the extreme point of North America to limit the third-largest continent of the planet Earth, located in the northern and western hemispheres.Its shores washed by the waters of three oceans - Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic.The coastline of North America is dotted with enough bays and peninsulas through thousands of years of work undercurrents and arctic winds.

climate of North America

little about what the weather is in the "home" of the modern economy.Due to the extent of the climate of North America mainland covers all zones except the equatorial, which promotes agriculture and the development of almost all industries.

the west, the mountain range is limited to the continent of Appalachia, impermeable westerly winds, because the middle of the continent and the north of Mexico is desert.Winter in the center of North America is quite cold and frosty, summer - dry and hot, the situation varies proportionally towards the equator and the pole.However, the Americans have become accustomed to the harsh climate shifts, and a wardrobe of the modern Yankees - a role model for the Russian, whose weather conditions are like.

Extreme Points

Do not confuse the extreme point of North America with the boundary points of the United States - are all located outside the country.Let's start with the north - Cape Murchison (Murchison cape) is located in the Arctic, in Canada, and has the coordinates 71 degrees 50 minutes north latitude and 94 degrees 45 minutes west longitude.It - one of the extreme points of the globe, except for Greenland.Located in the Cape Peninsula Boothia and almost all the time in the year, surrounded by permafrost.However, there is another picturesque place with this name - a national park, which is worth a visit just for the sake of sparkling waterfalls.Surprising fact that Cape Murchison is exactly 2013 km from the North Pole - it was supposed to fly from here to Santa this Christmas Eve.

Generally, Canada - half the area, which has a North America.The ends of the country and continent coincide not only in the north but also in the east.East extremum - Cape St. Charles, located at 52 degrees 24 minutes north latitude and 55 degrees 40 minutes west longitude.This cape is the projection of the Labrador Peninsula, and is located not far from Toronto.

most western point of North America is in Alaska.Cape Prince of Wales (65 degrees 35 minutes north latitude, 168 degrees west longitude) goes to the coast of the Bering Strait.Earlier, millions of years ago, it was a period of land that connected Alaska to Chukotka land and, therefore, the circulation of water between the oceans was not carried out, and evolution of the underwater world radically different.

Not all extreme points of North America - a harsh rocks blown cold winds.At the southern point is Cape Maryata in Central Panama, 7 degrees 13 minutes north latitude.He is absolutely uninhabited mangrove forests are preserved, so enterprising Panamanians Cape attributed to the part of the National Park Cerro Hoya, respectively - to the heritage of UNESCO.

These are the extreme points of North America, each of which is difficult to access, but is required to memorize.