Basic laws of chemistry

Our modern life is unthinkable without the use of domestic many useful tools, ranging from washing powders and deodorants, and ending with chemical additives in food.All the comforts of modern man in many ways has become possible thanks to advances in the chemical industry, which for the past 100 years has made a huge step forward.Basic laws of chemistry that have been discovered and formulated over the last 3 centuries, formed the basis of many experiments and practical experiences that have brought positive results.

So, what is the chemistry and what is its main task at the moment?In general, the chemistry is the science of materials, patterns and their transformations according to the properties of the environment.Basic laws of chemistry are based on knowledge of the outside world - or rather, the properties of different objects animate and inanimate nature, as a result of a number of substances can be accessed by a particular technology totally new substance with unique chemical properties.

At the moment there are more than 100 thousand. Organic, and about 5 million. Inorganic compounds, which are widely used to create a wide variety of substances and preparations.Thanks to scientific and technological progress and the latest computer technology, in addition to chemistry were related scientific disciplines, such as biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, thanks to which we are actively working to develop new drugs and vaccines against dangerous diseases.

Basic laws of chemistry include the main postulate - all substances that exist on earth, may be converted into other, which will be different from the past in properties, composition, structure and form.It is noteworthy that in this practical science experiments and experiences are extremely important, because after the theoretical development and the development of new chemical formulas only practical result may determine whether this achievement is rooted in everyday life.

basic laws and concepts of chemistry include atomic and molecular teaching which tells us that all matter on earth composed of molecules and atoms, which form a specific crystal lattice.In turn, as the atom is composed of tiny particles - electrons orbiting its nucleus of an analog of our solar system.After the discovery of the structure of atoms, many scientists have come to an interesting conclusion that the cosmos is strikingly similar to the molecular structure of substances.

addition to the structure itself, the fundamental laws of chemistry, we stipulate that the nucleus of an atom can have a positive or negative charge, which directly affects the properties of a substance.Moreover, as a result of experiments, it became clear that the person using those or other manipulation can change the level of charged atoms, achieving a result of changes in the properties of certain substances.

chemistry is a complex science, to comprehend the laws that may need the whole life.Today in this area are many leading scientists are working to develop new substances and mixtures, due to which many of the problems of humanity can be resolved.Complex molecular formulas and equations allow preliminary estimates of the future composition of matter that requires employees of the chemical industry in-depth knowledge and analytical mind.

Speaking about the ordinary citizens, the basic concepts and laws of chemistry should be aware of each person, as it will give him a lot of help, even in everyday life.That is why no matter how we treat chemistry, it should always know the basics of a modern and civilized man.