He wanted to become a Ken doll, and this is clearly excelled

first he wanted to buy the exterior boyfriend Ken and Barbie dolls for this decided to go to a number of plastic surgery.But then he was more fascinated the process.To date, the 33-year-old American Justin Jedlicka had moved 128 plastic surgeries.For him it is, as he himself says - the vocation and the meaning of life.

Since childhood, the New Yorker Justin Jedlicka wanted to look like a Ken doll.But in life, he thought, it was more like an ugly duckling.Mainly because of the large nose.Thoughts on how to change the appearance of an artificial way, began to visit the boy at a time when he was 13 years old.However, we had to wait 18 years, since the parents were not allowed to go under the knife synule minors.

Starting with the operation, during which he was slightly tweaked the nose shape, Jedlicka was so impressed with the result that wanted to change the shape of the eyes, the shape of the lips, etc.In a word - to reach his imagination created the ideal of male beauty.And as with sports, Justin is not friendly and the gym does not attend, the surgery did not escape not only his face, but also the body.

Currently Jedlicka had moved 128 plastic surgeries.As a result, he gained implants filled with silicone buttocks, biceps, triceps, cubes press made more voluminous chest and other muscles of the body.

Despite the warnings of doctors and the realization that the last operation brought him more trouble than good, stop Justin is not.On his hobby, he spent more than 100 thousand dollars.

about his personal life "walking Ken" little is known.If he was married?Do engo steady girlfriend?These questions remain unanswered.

But Western journalists quickly picked up "a couple" Ken silicone: it began from Odessa Valeria Lukyanova, known as a living Barbie.

Jedlicka however denied this information.

Recently Justin pages on Facebook and Twitter have gained widespread popularity as it became not only describe the events of his eventful life of plastics, but also willing to advise.Fortunately, the experience he has more than enough.

Photo source: odditycentral.com