An invoice for payment

If you look at the statistics document, you can easily select the most frequently used and generated document - it is a bill.However, the general form of the document that would be approved by law and which must be strictly followed, no.Thus, an invoice - a document in which the seller declares the potential buyer the price of their goods.The buyer, by paying the amount specified in the bill, accepts the terms of the supplier and the link to this bill when paying.Seller also agrees to ship the goods specified in the bill, or perform a service in the event of timely payment.

However, there are a number of mandatory details that include invoice.Firstly, the sequence number.Today, virtually every organization in the conduct of accounting uses a special program.They are automatically assigned to the account number.Since the beginning of each year of account numbering starts anew.The rooms are assigned to it was easy to identify the document referring to the number and the date.Secondly, the date - this is

the next mandatory props account.Often the seller specifies in it, over what period of time the document is valid, therefore, the date on the bill is very important.Third, the bill must contain all bank details supplier required to pay for it.Indeed, the purpose of invoicing - receive payment and make a payment without data on the settlement account of the seller and the bank in which it is open, it is impossible.The account is required to indicate the name of the offered goods or services, their price and quantity.Also, it is necessary to provide information on the percentage of the value added tax, or the lack of it.Last props mandatory account for payment - the signature of the person responsible for his nomination.

In addition to these details, account may contain a number of additional facilitating cooperation supplier and buyer.For example, a contact phone number, address, download and office address where the documents are issued.In the long run, you can specify that you must have a representative of the buyer for the shipment of goods.Most often, this - payment order with the bank about its performance, certified by the original stamp and signature of the protocol coordination of the selling price of the goods or services, power of attorney to obtain wealth, etc.

Buyer orally or in writing, may ask the supplier to set the score for the pre-payment of goods or services.However, in this case, the billing does not imply a mandatory payment on it.The account may only be of an informative character - it is necessary for the information of potential buyers of current prices on the date of invoice.The supplier, in turn, is insured against possible trouble in the case of payment on the account long after it was issued, indicating in the document, how long it can be valid.

in the account can be stated that it is a price agreement and the protocol.In this case, it should be given a place for the signature of the buyer and its printing.If such a bill is sent to the customer by fax, the buyer puts his photocopier and to a copy of his stamp and signature.This bill must be passed to the supplier when the goods are shipped.

get invoice for payment may be head of the organization, the chief accountant or another person authorized by order of the head.It should be noted that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, printing - optional props to account for payment.