How to make plasterboard with their hands: the instruction from the masters

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Today's technology for the production and processing of construction and finishing materials provide an opportunity to every person to do any repair work in the apartment without the help of professionals and, accordingly, without any extra financial expenditure.Due to lack of understanding of the theory of a particular assembly activities, the practice becomes something unimaginable.In fact, things are not quite so, and described below as a guide to make plasterboard with their hands, proves it.

Preparation Before installation work, it is necessary to prepare all the materials and tools that you may need in the course of repair.You definitely need a set consisting of punch, screwdriver, scissors, metal, construction knife level (preferably a laser), brush, roller, trowel and a special planer.You should also buy materials such as drywall itself, building profiles (made of metal, rails and ceiling PN 28/27 60/27 PP), direct suspension, single-level connector profiles PP 60/27, screws, Primers, deep penetration, plaster, tape-serpyanka, sandpaper, or instead of it is possible to use masking grid of synthetics.

prepare all of the above, you get one step closer to the question of how to make plasterboard, but it does not mean that you are ready to go.


This stage requires a great deal of responsibility and care.You should start by finding a lower angle in the room, so all the angles measure from floor to ceiling.Having found such an angle, determine its future path in the ceiling - lower the height from the top down, which is necessary for your ceiling void.The size depends on pipes and ducts, as well as your desire to hide various elements of communications apartments, but this space has to be at least 5 cm. With laser level look at where the future will be located drywall constructions.

Then spend the markup on the ceiling for the purpose of attaching hangers.Along the room lay a sheet of drywall measuring 120 by 300 cm, and then in the same way, set the PP profiles.The distance between the profiles is determined by the width of the sheet (for example, you can install them at intervals of 60 cm).Following on the ceiling are drawn metered size - resulting in the line you will be installing hangers.

carcass construction along the perimeter of the circuit, on the walls, using screws placed profiles Mon.Observe the distance between fasteners of approximately 40-50 cm. Now it is the turn of suspensions, but should be strengthened by the same screws to the ceiling on the markup.The distance between fasteners as well from 40 to 50 cm. Fasteners ceiling profiles based on the fact that they should be cut, make a 5 mm shorter than the length of the room, as this will contribute to a more convenient installation guide.PP is inserted in CD, fixing is made by means of screws.

Note: PP slack, although required to be placed horizontally.The simplest solution to this problem is a tension between the longitudinal threads 5-6 Mon.These threads will need to align the profiles, and attach them to the suspension.Use a level to make sure that the profiles are horizontally.Protruding parts or cut, folded, or to the ceiling.

to complete the installation of the frame give it rigidity.To do this, cut the size of PP intervals of 60 cm and lay them across the room through the 50-60 cm and attach to the ceiling profiles single-level connectors.Such rules should be followed in the case when making your crate on two-level ceiling of plasterboard.

Installation and fastening sheets

for successful performance at this stage attract third parties to repair (by yourself you do not even cope with the raising of the sheet).So, lift and place gypsum board on the frame.To secure it, use the screws brand «TB» or «TN», check the distance from the edge to the fixture (it should be equal to 1.5 to 2 cm), and - between the self-tapping screws (10 to 15 cm).Hats fasteners need to enter into a sheet of 0.5 mm.

If the sheets do not fit, you have to adjust the size.To do this, apply a layout sheet to the right size, make an incision on the layer to receive lines, lay under a sheet of any profile and snapped it into place slot.Then you just cut off the lower layer and treat lip plane.

embedding seams

Calculate filler per 1 m2, and apply it evenly, until it is dry, U Mosta Have time to tape the seams-serpyanku.After being re-otshpaklyuyte these places wait out until everything dries out properly, and can start priming your ceiling.If you need putty ceiling finishing work, simply align it.

In this guide on how to make plasterboard with their hands over.As you can see, nothing daunting in this process there, all can learn and all can be overcome, the main thing in modern renovation - know the theory.