How to cook a juicy pink salmon in the oven: a step by step recipe

How to cook a juicy pink salmon in the oven?This question is particularly relevant when you want to eat some delicious and very hearty.It should be noted that in the preparation of the aromatic fish lunch is no big deal.And to prove this, we consider the method of its creation in more detail.

Step by step recipe juicy pink salmon in the oven

Necessary ingredients for dishes:

  • parsley, dill (fresh) - at ½ bunch;
  • humpback large svezhemorozhennaya - 1 or 2 pcs .;
  • sea salt - added at the discretion;
  • large lemon - 1.5 pc .;
  • olive oil - 35 ml;
  • mayonnaise average fat content - 200 ml;
  • ground black pepper (can be red) - a few pinches;
  • onion large onion - 2 pcs .;
  • large carrots - 2 pcs.

The processing of fish

Before you cook juicy pink salmon in the oven, it should be carefully handled.For this acquisition, the fish should be thawed, well washed, to remove all the innards, and remove the tail, fins and head.Cooking dinner can be in different ways: some prefer to do portions as small steaks, and someone bakes whole fish.We decided to cook pink salmon, not cutting it into pieces.

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The process of preparing the marinade

How to pink salmon juicy and tasty?To do this, red fish are advised to soak in an aromatic marinade.To create necessary to squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, and then add to it the average fat content mayonnaise, ground allspice, olive oil and sea salt.Then all the ingredients should be mixed with a spoon and smear them all previously treated fish.To make it maximally absorbed the flavors of spices and other ingredients, it is desirable to cover with a lid and leave aside for 20-40 minutes.

The processing of vegetables

To understand how to cook a juicy pink salmon in the oven, it should be recalled that this dish perfectly with vegetables such as onions and carrots.They need to wash, peel and chop into thin slices.Similarly, it should be treated and the remaining half lemon.

Formation dishes

Once the fish is soaked in fat and flavored marinade, it should be put on a large sheet of cooking foil, and then maximize reveal his belly and turn to put it the following: carrots, onions, fresh herbs and sliceslemon.Next pink salmon need to pour the remaining marinade in a bowl and tightly wrapped in foil.

Heat treatment

To bake the salmon in the oven, it should be placed in a shallow form or on a baking sheet.Next, kitchen unit must be heated to 200 ° C.At this temperature salmon should be prepared at least 45 minutes.After this time the packet of fish needed to get it and try it on softness.

proper feeding for dinner

Now you know how to cook a juicy pink salmon in the oven with vegetables and herbs.This dish should be served for dinner, along with a side dish of boiled, fried, or mashed potatoes.