10 things to keep in purse in 2009

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analyzing the main trends of make-up, hair and manicure British journalists offered a list of 10 items that simply must have in each beautician beauty.

1. Black eyeliner or eye pencil. If you do not plan celebrations, just move the upper lashes.If to be a date, you can display the line a little farther the outer corner of the eye.And if the campaign ahead of the red carpet, you can carefully work out the expressive eyes, summing and lower cilia.

2. False eyelashes. Sometimes the best way to have a thick and long lashes - a little cheat.If you are able to be controlled by them - choose the ones that are applied one by one.If in this case a little experience can take cilia, which are fixed on a single strip.

3. Brown shade. Without this element of make-up this year in any way.To give a natural look and fresh look, try to put on eyelids warm brown shade, and line growth of eyelashes to bring pink pencil or eyeliner.

4. Eyebrow Pencil. This tool will help add depth and certainty touchline.If you want to make them look more natural, and stressed the view, select two shades: one tone in the hair, the other - a little lighter.

5. Shimmering facial shine. If you apply a little money on the cheekbones, the middle of the century, on the lower lip or inner corners of the eyes, found himself look more mysterious and interesting.

6. Red lipstick. dark red lipstick - a real peep stylish evening makeup.However, it can be worn in everyday life, combining with the shadows flesh color and delicate pink blush.

7. Body Cream. Sometimes we pay too much face time.But do not forget about the body.Mix a bit of gold or silver sequins with your favorite body cream and enjoy the radiance that will emanate from your skin.

8. Means for hair shine. to any hairstyle even better, use a tool to give hair shine, which is applied to wet hair and does not wash off.The only thing, do not overdo it, otherwise the locks will appear in bold.

9. Comb with a sharp tip. indispensable tool if you want to give your hair volume at the roots or get rid of outlier unruly strands.

10. beret or a strip. hair accessories - a must for any stylish girl this season.Whether it takes the strip, or something else, it should be suitable to the wardrobe, makeup and face shape.

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