Knowing where is the heart of a person, will help to answer the question: to be or not to be

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Like, what could be easier than finding the answer to the question, where is the heart of man?But as it turned out during the polls, most people do not know not only where there are at the heart of man, but are lost when asked about the situation of other internal organs.

On the one hand - and what's the difference then?Especially, if in nothing hurts.On the other hand: what if there is a need first aid utopshemu or just a person who suddenly became ill in the car?

Tragically, misfortune always lurks us unexpectedly.For example, in the nature of a sudden one of the participants suddenly grab the picnic area under the breast and will often breathe.What should be done?Call a doctor - it would be too long a person can not survive.

Not knowing where the heart of a person who can assume that it is the usual stomach cramps.Yet often these pains occur during a heart attack or a heart failure.The heart, contrary to popular opinion, is not in the left side of the chest, and just in the middle, but asymmetrically: the right to be his third, and the left - the remaining two-thirds.Thus, the pain in the area, which is usually considered the stomach, may be heart pain.

such a patient is best to lie on your back, release the upper part of the body from the laces and buttons, to increase access to fresh air.If possible, you can turn on the fan, or fan the patient's head by the newspaper, fan, towel.

also need to give him a drink of sweet water, you can put under your tongue validol.Of course, his movements are contraindicated in this condition and any physical activity, even small at first glance.

Not knowing where the heart in man, and the other can play a cruel joke, the opposite direction.Especially with those carried about self-neglecting and qualified medical examinations.For example, there are patients who for years say that they have a bad heart.Therefore, trying hard to cure this ailment.When the patient alone "mutilate" itself is not enough, and they still decide to go to the hospital, suddenly determined launched last stage of stomach ulcers or serious disease of the pancreas.

funny, but too many do not know where is located the heart of a person, even despite the fact that the school of anatomy lessons with a dedicated "heart" theme are mandatory for all.Although nature sometimes throws "caper", because there are people with a mirror arrangement of internal organs.

This in no way is a monstrosity, absolutely no effect on human health.Just so that's physiological feature, and all.Although aware of her individual it is necessary in order to warn doctors.There were some cases where a person was shot at point blank range remained alive only because of its peculiarities such a structure.

But the presence of two hearts is not considered to be for the owner of a good fact.On the contrary, they are at greater risk and often do not survive to middle age.As they say, everything should be in moderation.Even the number of hearts.

So, we found out where the heart of man: the back part of it lies on the diaphragm, is surrounded on all sides by the lungs, with the exception of only a portion of the front surface, which is adjacent to the anterior chest wall.Most of it is located on the left and smaller - right, up, right and back faces of its base and the tip, respectively, directed downward, forward and to the left.

Knowing where is the heart of a person, makes it possible to properly direct his massage to make a sudden stop, make a first aid utopshemu also doing massage, alternating with artificial respiration and in some other cases.