Registration of a newborn baby on a residence

together with joy the birth of a new little member of the family, his parents often face a lot of problems with paperwork baby.One of them - the birth registration of his place of residence.This necessary but sometimes unpleasant procedure requires a lot of time and nerves.Depending on the region of the order it may vary slightly, but mainly in the Russian Federation requirements for parents who decide to register the child, almost the same everywhere.

Thus, the newborn may be registered only where resides one of the parents.This is evidenced by Article 20 of the Civil Code, according to which the place of residence of minors is a place of residence of its legal representatives, ie parents or guardians.The consent of other family members to this action is not required, so the birth registration can be carried out by his mother or father in his apartment, even in those cases when someone from the family opposes it.

documents for the registration of the child should be provided with his parents in person at the Passport Office, which belongs to the district where it is planned to register the baby.Here is a sample list of securities, which typically require citizens:

  1. statement (written) of one of the parents, which sets out the request to register the newborn (sample application there is usually a waiting room in the passport).
  2. written consent of the other parent act, as written in the passport office provided in the form.

  3. original and mandatory photocopy of birth certificate of the newborn baby.

  4. Passports moms and dads surrounding the registration of citizens.

  5. If the other parent is actually registered at a different address, then it is necessary to present a certificate confirming registration.

Next birth registration must be confirmed by the head of the registry, which will review and certify all the above documents, as well as a few days take the parents' passports.On the appointed day, a representative of the child must come to the passport office for a passport and a certificate of registration, which will have entered a newborn.This certificate is needed for the further processing of documents of the child, such as benefits, insurance, and other maternal capital.

Deadlines toddler law is not set, but it is not necessary to delay this as long as the child has no permanent residence, confirmed by documents, many additional documents to his parents issue will simply be impossible.In addition, Art.19.15 of the Administrative Code provides for a fairly large fine for living without registration.If desired, the meaning written in the law can be easily applied even in situations with strangers newborn baby.

birth registration is absolutely free, so do not need to pay any fees to the bank.You may have to stand in line as passport offices are famous for short-time methods and more willing to go there.However, the procedure does not permanently distract parents from communicating with your child, which will be after her citizen registered in the Russian Federation.