Aluminum chloride

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Aluminum chloride is also known as aluminum chloride, a salt of two compounds - hydrochloric acid and aluminum itself.Aluminum chloride is AlCl3 chemical formula.Sublimation compound occurs at a temperature of 183 ° C - this is the case, if the pressure has a normal value.When the pressure substance begins to melt at a temperature of 192,6 ° C.

Typically, aluminum chloride is highly soluble in aqueous solution, 44.38 grams complete dissolution of the substance occurs in stogrammovom volume of water at a temperature of 25 ° C.Hydrolysis occurs dymlenie material in moist air with release of HCl.The anhydrous aluminum chloride able to form a colorless single crystals, which are at a temperature of 440 ° C to get the properties of the dimer - converted into a liquid or vapor.When the temperature rises to 800-1000 ° C the substance is a stable monomer.

most important method of producing compound is exposure to Cl2, and CO on anhydrous bauxite and kaolin.This reaction is carried out in the industrial production in special shaft furnaces.There are also other methods of preparation, for example, the reaction of boron trichloride with aluminum phosphide during the reaction performed at a temperature of 900 ° C, resulting in the formation of aluminum chloride.All reactions associated with obtaining connections held with the participation of the reducing agent, which acts as carbon.

anhydrous aluminum chloride reacts with a number of both organic and inorganic substances.It forms with inorganic addition products, such as NH3.With organic aluminum chloride forming the acid chlorides and a variety of esters.

Crystallization from aqueous solutions leads to a yellow-white solid which outdoor acquires fluidity is - aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

Aluminium chloride is an essential catalyst in the organic synthesis, can serve as an example of its use in operations Friedel-Crafts.It acts as an intermediate in the production of hydrolysis to separate A1 from A1 alloys and produce ultra-pure quality.Application hexahydrate as well as its solutions distributed in wood, water treatment technologies.

Since aluminum chloride is widely used in the industrial segment of the economy, its annual production in the world is constantly growing and currently stands at 200 thousand tons of examples.

Currently, the most in demand aluminum chloride in areas such as pharmaceuticals and perfumes.This substance is widely used in the manufacture of drugs to counteract hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating body.Its derivative - aluminum chloride hexahydrate Etiaxil - is used as a necessary basis for the production of deodorants and antiperspirants.In pure form, this substance is a colorless crystals, and its chemical formula is written as H12AlCl3O6.The use of this capacity should be accompanied by extreme caution, since the cause of hyperhidrosis can be a variety of factors: nerve and edokrinnye disorders, kidney disease and others.In this case, should not blindly purchase and use anything that contains a part hexahydrate Etiaxil, although the fact that in one case does not help, in the other case will help.The fact that all these tools can be used a variety of combinations hexahydrate combination with other components.

To get the expected benefits from the use of medicines and containing Etiaxil, to accurately select them, given the characteristics of each skin type and degree of manifestation potlivsti.