How to cook cabbage rolls in a pan with fragrant tomato broth?

How to cook cabbage rolls in a pan with tomato nourishing broth?This question is particularly interested in those who want to do for your family a delicious and hearty meal.It is worth noting that in the preparation of this dish is no big deal.

How to cook cabbage rolls in the pan: a step by step recipe

required ingredients for the dishes:

  • ripe tomatoes big - 2 pcs .;
  • large bulb onions - 4 pcs.(Two of them in broth remaining in beef);
  • fresh beef without fat - 500 g;
  • long grain rice cereal - 2/3 glass tumbler;
  • cabbage - 1 large plugs;
  • medium-sized fresh carrots - 1 pc .;
  • sea salt, pepper, red bayberry, dried basil - add in its sole discretion;
  • purified drinking water - 2-3 glasses.

Cooking stuffing

Before you cook cabbage rolls in the pan, you should make a delicious and aromatic stuffing.To do this, take 500 grams of fresh beef, wash it well and miss with two onions through a meat grinder.You also need to boil in salted water a little long-grain rice, completely deprive him of the liquid and pour the meat with sea salt and red allspice.As a result, you should get low-fat ground beef with a pleasant smell.

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Processing vegetables

To understand how to cook cabbage rolls in pan tasty and fast, we should remember that for such dishes need only whole cabbage.After all, if you buy a damaged product, semi-finished products will be very difficult to form properly.So, the big plugs to be placed in a deep pan, pour a little water and boil under the lid closed just a few minutes.During this time, leafy vegetables soften slightly, and can be carefully removed, preserving the maximum integrity.

How to cook cabbage rolls in a pan together with the nourishing and tasty soup?In order to carry out this venture, you need ingredients such as onions, fresh tomatoes and carrots.They should wash, peel and finely chop.

Formation dishes

Once the stuffing is ready, and cabbage leaves carefully separated from the head of cabbage, should proceed to the immediate formation of dishes.To do this, take a leaf vegetable, put him meat filling and then tightly wrapped in an envelope.By analogy, it is required to issue and all other semi-finished products.

Heat treatment courses

When all the cabbage rolls are formed, they must be carefully placed in a deep pan, and top with shredded tomatoes, onions and carrots.Also, flavor a dish requires a small amount of dried basil, salt and pour the ordinary drinking water.Cooking stuffed after boiling liquid must be approximately 50-60 minutes.

How to apply for dinner

Now you know how to extinguish the cabbage rolls in a pan along with the tomato broth.Serve this dish to the table, it is desirable in the deep portioned dishes.For flavor and aroma to the stuffed cabbage is recommended to present the tomato sauce (ketchup can be sharp), fat sour cream or mayonnaise and chopped fresh herbs.