The Great Patriotic War

date of the Great Patriotic War (1941, June 22) - the day on which, in violation of the agreement on non-aggression, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.This battle is considered the most severe and difficult of all the battles in the history of Russia.

the official start of the Great Patriotic War has been declared.The enemy invaded suddenly, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

the Great Patriotic War took place in advance of a detailed plan.It should be noted that before the German attack had human and industrial resources captured her earlier in Europe.This, of course, increased military and economic potential of the Germans.

sudden lightning and the Great Patriotic War of "Barbarossa" would lead to the rapid defeat of the Soviet Union.Germany is expected in the short-term campaign to capture all the important political and industrial centers, and to annex the European part of the USSR.Hitler was sure of victory.He believed the Soviet Union unstable, weak state.

Command fascist army sent to all military units to their instructions, according to which all the German officers were to suggest that war is "the liberation of Russia from the Soviet yoke."The particulars of these officers had been warned about the need to remain silent about the alleged subsequent dismemberment of Russia.

along the Soviet border was centered around five and a half million German officers (190 divisions), about five thousand units of military aircraft and four thousand tanks, more than forty-seven thousand guns and mortars.According to historians, this is the most large-scale military invasion.

the disposal of the Soviet Union was about 170 divisions (about three million soldiers).Not conceding in the number of weapons and equipment, the army of the Soviet Union had insufficient military training.In addition, many aircraft, armored units reorganized or just were in a stage of formation.The country lacked transport was provided inadequate communication.New models of aircraft, tanks and other vehicles were in the process of development.

Equally important are the transformation of Stalin on the eve of the outbreak of hostilities.As capacity of the army was dealt a serious blow to mass repressions against the commanders of the Soviet troops.In addition, despite the obvious preparations for the German units, the mobilization of the Soviet army, regrouping connections and bringing them to combat readiness was not carried out until the German invasion.

When it became apparent inevitability of an attack, on June 21 evening in the border districts were sent to the disposal of the Chief of Staff Zhukov and Commissar Timoshenko.The directive said the proposal to enter the emplacements and cause of the alert.Prior to disposal of many compounds is not reached or reached when hostilities have begun.

In 1941, June 22, at four o'clock in the morning Hitler's troops attacked with artillery on the border areas of the Soviet Union, and then invaded the country.The German army was fighting on three strategic directions - Kiev, Moscow and Leningrad.

sudden attack allowed Hitler's army at the initial stage of the war to get a significant advantage.Air raids and tank advances have promoted the aggressor deep into the Soviet Union.

the Great Patriotic War was a disaster.A large number of connections and frontier posts, taking the first hit, killed.The prisoner was captured by a huge number of Soviet soldiers.After the start of the battle in a week fell Minsk.

Despite the difficult conditions in the Great Patriotic War, Soviet soldiers showed heroism and courage from the very first days of the battle.