How to choose a car DVR

"How to choose a car DVR?" - A question of interest to each driver.So that such a useful gadget has brought the greatest benefit with the least financial cost, it is worth a little look into some technological intricacies of this instrument.There are varieties of such devices which differ in set of defined features.In order not to overpay for unnecessary features, first of all, before to choose a car DVR, you need to determine what features will be most in demand by you.

If you are traveling a relatively short period of time, you should not buy too expensive models with multiple functions.Otherwise, if the trip takes a long time, the purchase of expensive multifunction models is justified.In order not to suffer because of the many road hazards, manufacturers offer automobile video from one or several cameras.Quite often it offers models equipped with a microphone to record sound.

There are devices, which are subdivided by the type of data storage, either on the hard disk, or a flash drive.The advan

tage of the hard drive is a large capacity and data security.However, the main drawback of this type of carrier is that the hard disk performance loses its properties at temperatures below zero.In turn, flash media devoid of such shortcomings, and have certain advantages due to the small size of the registrar, low power consumption, so that it can be fearlessly leave the work from the battery.Also another undoubted advantage is simplicity and ease of data transfer to a computer or PDA.The disadvantages of this type of vehicle may include a limited number of write cycles.

Before you choose a car DVR, you should pay attention to another important indicator - the degree of compression at which the entire process of writing data.High compression is needed if there is a need to use the on-line monitoring through GPRS-Internet.
Vstorenny display is also an important factor, because it is in place it will see the video recording, if there are any disputes.Another important point is the availability of video output, which allows you to connect an external display.This function will output the signal from the rear view camera, which is quite seriously facilitates the movement of reversing and parking.

How to choose a car DVR with the navigator, and what is it for?

avtoregistratora with the navigator needs to those who spends a long time in the roading.Such a device allows continuous recording mode to record high-speed mode, the position and direction of movement of your vehicle.This function helps you recover the exact course of events in a variety of controversial cases.Thus, you can quite confidently defend their interests, armed with such evidence.

work is carried out from the DVR to the vehicle, other than that provided for an autonomous power supply, which provides continuous operation in the event of main power.Record all the information made on the standard removable memory cards.In the case of filling the card automatically begins to overwrite old files.

Before you choose a car DVR, and install it on your car, you should pay special attention to the advice offered by the manual avtoregistratora.