What is 3g: understanding of network-wide humanity

has long forgotten about 2G, now the standard network access became 3g.What is it?A small device?In part, yes, but the point of access to mobile communications and the Internet is much more complicated.


Just five years ago, 3G device was much more current "prototype" and looks like a cell phone.It provides high-speed access to not only the Internet but also to radio waves to mobile communications.It allows the use of the mobile and not permanently, as it was before.Wires were far in the past.


answer to the question, what is 3g, can not be reduced to the examination and the description of the device.To maintain a high-speed connection is necessary and such a powerful data transmission network - data transmission over broadband networks has allowed to achieve such an effect.


prerogative of using 3G networks have become multimedia services, including WAN.Hence the mention of the people as a 3G third generation.It allows you not only to communicate and to communicate in a new form - video.We will now hear his interlocutor and see him.And if that's how it works on the Internet, we all already know, how it manifests itself in the mobile?With a videophone! .. This is truly a breakthrough in mobile technology!And now with the new models of mobile phones one can access the Internet, watch movies, TV shows.

Another feature that reveals the answer to the question, what is 3g, was the ability to stay in constant online.At the same time, and changed the form of payment, unit of measure.If previously paid for time spent in the network, the format 3g paid amount received (and transmitted too) information.

Among other features of the new format of communication: international roaming, support for multiple operators, communication with the satellite, the speed of up to 2 megabits per second.

All this is possible thanks to the continuous transmission of data in the decimeter range.Nothing is more powerful and global invented was not.

Quality standard

What is 3g as a term?This concept not only shows high speeds, but is also used to describe the high quality provided by communication: audio, video, multimedia.To achieve this result, manufacturers were forced to be guided by international standards and specifications (UTI).Recommendations are reduced to a specific usage of the frequency spectrum generation 3g: achievement of improved efficiency, capacity and speed of 144 kbps (when driving, for example, in the car, the speed of which can be up to 120 km per hour) up to 2 megabits per second (immobility).

3g What does it mean for the user, in addition to high-speed access to the Internet?The third generation will appreciate the corporate clients using conferencing and remote access to the database (without wires from any location).Equally unique service appreciated already appreciated by many - is the ability to pay for services via the telephone (the so-called mobile banking), through which there is no need to look for a terminal or bank branch.

Distribution 3 G

That is 3g, the Russians learned not so long ago.The introduction of the latest technologies in mobile communication (in all senses of the term) took a long time - 10 years.Initially 3G network has been widely used in Japan, and then in Asia, the US and finally "arrived" to the operators of Europe.

Network 3G - a complex system of data transmission, including and "receiver" signal: radio frequency transmission of cellular operators, global Internet.In 3G high hopes: developing it, it will be possible to create a global mobile network, to combine all operators.But if the network will exist under different protocols (today their 2), the final, "rainbow" will not be achieved ...