How to Choose the Telfer?

Hoisting building hoist - the heart of any crane and lifting equipment on the list, he has a special place.At present in the Russian market can meet a wide variety of hoists from around the world (mainly Bulgaria, Russia and China) and different capacity (most demanded lifting gear carrying capacity of 3 and 5 tons).In order to correctly choose hoist, it is essential to provide for the public, the goals you need a lift (and know about its specifications).The main characteristics, which is based in the selection of the hoist - is its load capacity and lift height.Now, list the secondary characteristics are also important when buying hoist - this mode of operation, lifting speed, the linear size of the hoist in the height and width of the beam to which it will be installed.

All types of hoists can be roughly divided into two groups - manual and electric.Manual (or mechanical) are designed for light duty applications where there is no need in the efficiency of work.Plus manual hoist is the uselessness of the electric power supply for its operation, since it set in motion by the physical strength of the worker.Electric hoists in turn are divided into rope and chain.Most popular in the production hoist - a electric wire rope hoists, mobile, set I-beam crane.The maximum capacity of this hoist up to 50 tons.It is worth noting that the manual differ from electric hoists lower and affordable price.So if you have a small production, and load lifting is required from time to time, the manual hoist, will be the most reasonable choice.

many cases, the choice falls to the manual hoist and this for three reasons (small size and weight, a serious capacity (up to 10 tons), the opportunity to work in the absence of an electric current).Very often manual hoists used for installation of heavier electric hoists.Modern Bulgarian manual hoists are of high quality and quality of service.

Consider rope and chain hoists.In the first, the lifting element is the lifting rope (which is wound on the drum), and the second, rugged steel calibrated chain (which is rotated by the gear).The bridge and gantry cranes often use wire rope hoists, and cantilever cranes mounted chain hoists (chain hoists light weight makes it easier to mount).After reading a review, you can be aware of the lifting equipment, but the final decision is best taken with the manager of the lifting of the firm.