What are Buy Stones for sauna?

The icy, frosty weather, but at the thought of the bathhouse, the body begins to spread heat.Yes add here the stove-heater, but parkas and emotions start going wild.But ...

Do you know what's wrong-chosen stones can harm health?Some of them with heating, are capable of releasing mass harmful substances and compounds such as sulfur and zinc oxide.Purchased on natural markets, without a certificate of quality, they may be radioactive.

In addition, some of the stones are in contact with water, because of the large difference in temperature, burst into fragments.It is not safe, because the pieces can hurt you.Therefore, the stones for sauna should buy in stores with a wide range, among which you can choose the suitable for your stove.

How to check the quality of the stone on the test hardening?It's very simple: you have to heat it on the fire to redness, and then quickly lowered into the water.Do not cracked, then I check out!Many believe that the larger stones laid in the oven, so much the better.But this is not so.

What to buy stones for a bath?

If your bath set factory oven - heater, the technical specifications it specify the number of stones in kilograms.

There are recommendations on laying stones in the stove: the largest of them are placed on the bottom and top of large stones should be laid smaller.

But there are fans who want to, to warm up, which are laid on the bottom of the furnace cheap rock and on top of it - a thoroughbred.This produces aesthetic pleasure and saving money.

If you decide to buy stones for the bath, then they should choose a natural or volcanic origin, the most suitable ones are: gabbro-diabase, serpentine, crimson quartzite jade.

gabbro-diabase is a very dense and uniform solid rock.The color of stone is black.It is the cheapest, but it heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time.

coil refers to the minerals of the rock.Colour dark green patterned snakeskin.It is considered expensive stone with a good heat dissipation.

Crimson quartzite refers to the rock and is fused quartz grains with high density and low thermal conductivity.It provides powerful steam.It refers to the expensive stones.

Jade - semi-precious, expensive stone with a high density, practically does not absorb radiation.The color is dark green, contains metakremny.

If you can not find the listed types of stones, then choose a non-volcanic rocks.They are collected along the rivers and the bays or lakes.They have a rounded shape, which ensures uniform heating of the stove-heater.

Actually stones bath in specialized stores presented a small range.These bath stones - this rock stones with a large surface warming, which has large grain size, beautiful appearance, medicinal properties, durability.They provide a large and soft steam, and a visit to the sauna or bath becomes a true pleasure.