Sony projector is built into the camcorder

all have a habit that if there is any significant occurrence, we photograph it with a digital camera.Only from time to time there is a need not miss a split second, chronicled in the memoirs of absolutely every moment.For large anniversaries, it is desirable to use the camera, not the camera.Sony has made an interesting novelty - the camcorder DCR-PJ5E.The model is very small and non-severe, but it is a very powerful lens.Additionally, the Sony DCR-PJ5E wonderful integrated projector, and anyone can show immediately after the movie filmed story.

Even without taking into account the above bloat, the camcorder has a very attractive technical features.Large resolution recording film highlights the camera view.Sony camera allows 2 types of flash drives.Businesses praise neprevzaydennoe quality to make a film - the picture on the output comes out pretty quality.Excellent characteristics and the camera shows a lack of light.We can not say that in the presence of a charged lithium-ion battery, you can shoot

somewhere a hundred and fifty minutes, and the video got a little less than 4,000 MB.Big screen - an additional advantage of this model.

Specialist filming a video camera Sony DCR-PJ5E, easily has the opportunity to show your own video, even if the next to find the TV is not possible.Indeed, as mentioned above, the model DCR-PJ5E projector is available.Using this function, you can estimate the operator to demonstrate to the audience and viewers that the photographed.The image is projected on the wall - quite watchable.The new idea is to combine the ability to capture and view, seen as revolutionary.

In general, this digital innovation from Sony is very pleasant to use, has a fairly positive aspects, and made absolutely no flaws.Experts of the company, uniquely, have worked on a solid top five and surprised videolyubiteley great device.Buyers need to be hoped that in the future, the market for photo and video equipment will not cease to be issued as different devices.