Appliances required to make juices and smoothies

On the shelves you can find many blenders and juicers various modifications.Our task to choose those that come in handy for daily use, with which you can easily cook a variety of goodies from fresh fruits, berries and vegetables that is loved not only children but also adults.

To begin with a few words about the blender.They are of two types.One very convenient and fast crush solid foods: nuts, crackers, etc., While others are ideal for cooking a variety of cocktails with the addition of juice, milk, ice cream, etc.

In this case, we are interested in the second type of blenders.This device with a bowl at the bottom of which the rotating blades, they perform tasks: chopping and mixing ingredients.He is able to beat whites, and even split the ice.The speed of the operation depends on the power of the engine: the powerful - the faster will prepare smoothies and milkshakes.For a large family buy a device with a large volume of the cup.Remember that in the technical data specified amount of total bowl, fi

ll it up to the top but it is not recommended, therefore, from the figures specified by the manufacturer, you must take 200-300 ml.More affordable blenders with plastic containers, glass - more expensive.But the glass weighs more, and can be broken.Plastic also absorb odors and eventually loses its original form.

hard to imagine a healthy breakfast without a cup of freshly squeezed juice.When you select the device for its preparation should take into account the following points.We were interested in this case the device for daily use, able to make a few cups of juice.There are tools specifically for citrus.Universal Model - juicer fruits and vegetables.

The first type is a cone with a motor.To push the juice you need to keep the cut fruit.However, there are models and with special holders, but they are much more expensive.More often than juice of oranges and tangerines are obtained with a high content of pulp, but modern models allow us to control its concentration.Juicer cone which rotates in one direction and then the other, more productive, they are able to squeeze more useful drink.

Choosing universal juicer, pay attention to the type.Cylindrical have greater efficiency, but they are not able to push the whole juice large family without further purification sieve.Without a break, they can press the 2-3 cups of juice - this is quite enough for a small family.Choose juicers, which are equipped with a function of adjusting the speed of rotation of the grater.To effectively squeeze the juice from the berries of soft and hard vegetables it is necessary to use different modes.