The fastest animal in the world.

Cheetah - one of the most beautiful, graceful and fast felines.Many scholars have identified this predator in a separate genus, and it is not known exactly how many there are subspecies.Some zoologists are seven species, but others recognize only two - Asian and African.Though these handsome and belong to the cat family, but in many ways are similar to dogs, for example, high speed Cheetah - is largely the merit of elegant body structure resembling a silhouette of a greyhound.

Traces of cheetahs are very similar to a cat, they just love to climb trees, however, it turns out the best in young because adults do not retract the claws and made blunt.The claws are very large and curved, on the first finger is the largest claw serving spear.The speed of a cheetah is so great that if it attacks the victim and hitting her paw, she turned upside down for a few meters.

should be noted that the cheetah is very peaceable.In a good mood, he hums like a house cat.It is particularly interesting to observe the whole family lying in the sun and purring loudly.The hunting instinct cheetahs are not innate, they learn to sneak up to the victim and catch it only from the mother.Born in captive cheetahs do not know how to hunt.

These peace-loving and fearless handsome always amazed tourists.They very quickly get used to a person, so it is quite easy to tame.Cheetah can be completely free to go to the car or bus with people who jump on the hood and start looking at the passengers through the glass.Maybe even a little ride on the roof of the van.

fastest predator - it can be described as such a handsome man like a cheetah.The rate at which it can develop in just two seconds, is 65 km / h.Greyhound can run at a speed of 65 km / h, a racehorse - 70 km / h, but the maximum speed of a cheetah is much higher, it is 110 km / h.Of course, such a result, it can show only in the race for a short distance, but still it gives the right to consider the most fleet-footed cheetah of all mammals.

Scientists have long tried to unravel the secret of this predator and find out what he allows to run so fast.The clue is the special anatomy of cheetahs.The fact that their muscles much like the principle of operation of cars.The speed of a cheetah is so great because of the muscles, consisting of different types of fibers.The front limbs are those muscles that can work for a long time, wasting little energy and without tiring the animal.It is their cheetah uses to leisurely walking.On the hind legs are more than strong muscles, but with a load, they get tired very quickly.They are a predator and uses lightning to run.

cheetah speed largely depends on the characteristics of the skeleton.The flexible spine, long limbs doing their job.When running an animal as it is stretched in the air, it jumps up to 6 - 7 meters in length.Along the back are arranged special muscles that help in running, as they can quickly compress and decompress.