The urinary system

urinary system performs the function of detoxification, unnecessary, harmful compounds in the body, while maintaining the required amount of mineral salts and water.This object is realized by the formation of urine in the kidney and to a certain extent with a certain concentration.

structure of the urinary system.

Its structure includes bodies that produce urine (kidney) accumulating and outputting the urine out of the body (bladder, urethra, ureters).

Kidneys are located in the space behind the peritoneum on both sides of the spine, are shaped beans.The left kidney is slightly higher than the right.The upper edges of the pair body close to the spine, lower - are remote.

in kidney define the lower and upper pole, the inner and outer edge.In the center of the inner edge of the gate located (deepening).Through them, the authority includes the nerves and arteries out the ureter, lymph vessels, Vienna.The totality of these elements form a renal leg.

Adipose capsule, own shell and connective tissue f

ascia surround each kidney.The material includes two layers of the kidney - the brain and the cortex.The first is represented by twelve - fifteen units in a cone shape.They are called Pyramids.Cortical substance seeps between neighboring pyramids.Cortical layer has a thickness of four to thirteen millimeters.

urinary system has a number of regulatory mechanisms.

number contained in the body of water affected by the concentration of urine.Excessive amount of water contributes to the oppression in the pituitary release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which controls the absorption of salt and water.With a lack of water excited sensitive special education (osmoreceptors).In this case, ADH is released into the blood, which facilitates reabsorption (reuptake) of water.

urinary system carries the urine excretion of water, salts, uric acid, urea.Isolation of these components is produced and through the lungs, skin, intestines, salivary glands, but they are replaced by the kidney can not.

urine formation, including the filtration step of liquid from the blood, secretion and reabsorption, made nephrons (part of the kidney).Each nephron are renal (Malpighian) calf, providing the filtering process, and urinary tubules.Taurus is represented by a double-walled hemispherical bowl.The gap between its walls covered capillary glomerulus.Because of the gap also goes tubule.

intravascular pressure (70-90 mm. Hg. Art.) Contributes to the leak of the liquid part of blood in the capsule of the nephron.This process is called filtering leaked liquid, respectively, is called "filtrate" (primary urine).

urinary system forms a filtrate consisting essentially of water.The concentration of the low molecular weight substances in the primary urine is approximately the same as that in plasma.When promoting the filtrate of tubules, its composition is constantly changing as a result it becomes final urine.Urine volume is on average one and a half liters a day.

urinary system also includes in its structure the bladder.This body performs the function of urine.In the wall of the body shell is a powerful muscle.When her bladder cavity volume reduction decreases.In the openings of the ureters, the internal opening of the urethra are sphincters (detrusor).They regulate the flow of urine.

To the bottom of the bladder fit tubes (ureters).

Excretion of urine out through the urethra coming from the bladder.