Makeup Secrets: Some facts about the powder

ancient Egyptians and Sumerians served with powdered ocher - red and yellow.She now enjoyed by many tribes in Africa and South America.Greek women face powdered white lead, then they adopted this custom Roman, which, however, also used powdered white clay and even crocodile ... from excrement.

In Europe, a person addicted to powder during the Renaissance, and it was preceded by a custom puff hair: powder showered anyway provided on the face.

In the XVII century the course was "the Spanish paper" (perhaps the direct predecessor of compact powder) - book, which was applied on a piece of white and pink paint.Coming off a leaf, rubbed his cheek.

in Russia powder finally settled in Catherine's time, but has been known in the past.

In the XVIII century used the powder of different colors - pink, yellow, gray, a la vanilla, a la fleur de Orange miles Fleury.Some ladies had special cupboards, empty inside, in which powder, closed the door.

Over time, the abuse of powder reached alarming proportions.In Prussia, for example, at the end of the XVIII century nine million of its inhabitants spent ninety one million pounds of powder per year!

In XX century powdered already reserved.

As you already know, from the ground depends on the quality of make-up, but it only creates a neutral surface.To fix liquid foundation powder is needed, which will give it a more natural hue.Wrong powdered face looks sloppy, but now the industry offers us is so finely divided powder that she weightless cloud envelops the face, removing the shine of the skin.

Powder should not be used only in cases where the gel was applied tan.

Do not powder alone beauty services.Powder has good hygienic properties, namely:

a) protect the skin against light and dust;b) cool in the heat - absorbing perspiration and increases the surface evaporation (which is known to be accompanied by absorption of heat);c) reduces itching and may even be beneficial agent when it is added sulfur, tar, ichthyol, antibiotics and others.

powder produced in two types: regular and compact.Conventional powder lays down a thin even layer, and its excess quite easily eliminated.The solid, compact powder is very convenient to carry around during the day and update the makeup.However, we should not forget that a compact powder compact powder looks darker than the skin.

We both kind of powder has its own characteristics and advantages.

unmistakable color options can be considered transparent (ie colorless) powder.It can be used in any situation.If you talk about a tinted powder, its tone should be as close to the color of the substrate.

Before powdered face, be sure to remove the shine.It is recommended to wet face cloth.

Try not to experiment with colored powder, such as cosmetics used only by professional makeup artists to create special effects.The same applies to powder with gold and silver sequins.

Caution should be used and the usual dark powder, because it has the ability to detect the slightest wrinkles and uneven application framework, resulting in spotty face would be.

applying powder to the procedure necessary to start feeling it, you can tell your fingertips.Puff easily pressed against the skin, and she (or base) accepts powder.During this manipulation it is particularly important to achieve a smooth transition to the natural color of the skin.

should not be directly applied to the face heavily powdered, and then rub it into the skin.The powder is used for the first time a few rougher and lighter in tone than the second.And a few more of the following powdered forehead, nose, chin and center of cheeks.The outer part of the cheek powder very sparingly, and the eye is not necessary at all to powder in order to avoid drying out of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

You will look more natural if whisk excess powder with a soft brush or sponge.

Skillful use of powder of different colors allow to adjust some features.

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