How to get rid of alcoholism.

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Getting rid of alcohol dependence is important in drug treatment practice.I must say that periodic alcohol abuse can be called the ultimate state between health and disease.It was in this period is easier to prevent a severe complication of alcoholism - alcoholic dependence with a heavy hangover and alcoholic psychosis, damage to the nervous system and internal organs.

should be remembered that in case of alcohol-dependent patients often independently trying to recover, but they do not know how to get rid of alcoholism right, so it's only complicates the process of treatment by doctors in the future, because the body has already developed severe organ damage and expressed violationspsyche.

Before you determine how it is treated by this pathology, it is necessary to point out the essence of its development.

At the heart of the development of alcoholism is prolonged intoxication decomposition products of alcohol, among which the most toxic is acetaldehyde, which, even with a single dose of alcoholic beverage is stored in the body for several weeks and poisons him, hitting the liver, brain, cardiovascular system, otherorgans and systems.

How to recover from alcoholism?

Immediately I must say that the sooner treatment starts, the more effective it will be.In severe alcohol dependence increased alcohol tolerance, reduced protective reflex vomiting.A sick person is not able to control the amount of alcohol consumed, he developed memory loss, severe intoxication, not only physical but also psychological dependence on alcohol - he was not able to determine the cause, which could be an obstacle to the abuse of alcohol.This greatly complicates the treatment of alcoholism.

How to get rid of alcoholism, a qualified psychiatrist must determine, taking into account the stage of the disease.In the past, treatment has been highly directional in nature and includes receiving several groups of drugs:

  • , which helps to reduce intoxication and contributed to a more rapid excretion of toxic products of metabolism of alcohol from the body of patients;
  • drugs that showed a pronounced calming effect, which improved psycho-emotional state of people dependent on alcohol, and also largely prevented the development of alcoholic psychosis;
  • groups of drugs that contributed to the restoration of normal functioning of internal organs.

Today in the field of pharmacology has fundamentally new means, the development of which was carried out with the participation of not only pharmacists, and scientists as well as clinicians.This anti-alcohol drugs that can be used not only among people with persistent alcohol dependence, but also among those who have this relationship in its early stages of formation.

These drugs show pronounced detoxification effect, they contribute to the normalization of the brain and liver, metabolism, and most importantly - eliminates the craving for alcohol, which is the prevention of relapse.

Doctors also decide on how to get rid of alcoholism drug-free methods.For this purpose, use acupuncture, which effectively eliminates the alcohol withdrawal syndrome.In recent years, the technique of electrical stimulation of certain areas of the brain, as well as the method of surface kraniotserebralnoy hypothermia using special devices.

often turn to therapists, who know how to get rid of the alcohol through a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques.That is the basis of non-drug therapy for treatment of alcoholism and is held in groups or in individual sessions.