What does the European tour Russian North?

European North of our country represented the Murmansk region and Karelia.Today it is a well-developed tourist centers of international class that surprise the wonderful beauty of the forest tundra, tundra, rivers and lakes, mountain ranges and hills, exotic coast of the Barents Sea and the White Sea.

European North and North-west Russia - a land where the summer sun comes on and lasts all winter polar night.There are many memorable places connected with the ancient world and the recent socialist past.Tourists are offered the conditions for fishing and hunting wild animals, mountain climbing, water and mountain tourism, skiing.

Nowadays European North is not the edge of the earth.It established not only air links with Moscow and the northern capital of the country, but also with most of the major cities.Shipping Company actively supports tourism in the northern regions of the European part of the country.Nuclear icebreakers deliver groups of tourists to the North Pole and Franz Josef Land.The duration of these cruises lasting up to two weeks and take part in them travelers from around the world.

Attractive dog sledding.And there are good roads in the central region and the roads in the vicinity attract motorists from other countries and from Russia.Their European North beckons opportunity to take part in jeep tours.Experienced instructors offer more than ten such tours on the road, with length of up to thousands of kilometers through forests and rivers.And prices for routes across snowy wilderness cost is much lower than in neighboring countries.

Snow snowmobile safaris are carried out on machines brand Polaris Sport Touring-550.Tours are organized with different categories of complexity.The group also includes the drivers and passengers who are accommodated in double sledge.The length of the route - from forty to six hundred kilometers of snow-covered tundra.On the way there are historical monuments and buildings, beautiful landscapes of the north.Prepared for overnight guest houses and cottages.

Feel the power of the water element, regardless of age and level of athletic training allows rafting or boating routes along the northern rivers, which abound in the European North of Russia.

In some areas of the province allocated sites for development of medical and health and recreation resort.In all areas welcome guests with the cultural, educational, ethnic and environmental programs and the collection of berries and mushrooms.

Murmansk region - the European north of the country - on the border with our Republic of Karelia and Arkhangelsk, as well as with countries of Norway and Finland.Its administrative center - the city of Murmansk away from Moscow almost two thousand kilometers.The terrain is difficult.The hills, the mountains and the natural boundary formed by glaciers are very attractive to tourists.World fame enjoyed dolomites, amethysts and other mineralogical attractions.Subarctic climate softened by warm currents so in some places even in the Barents Sea does not freeze in winter.In winter, the temperature regime is kept in a range between minus eight and minus fifteen degrees Celsius.