Tropical Africa in all its diversity

Africa - a vast continent, the main inhabitants are the people Blacks, that's why it is called "black".Tropical Africa (about 20 million. Km2) covers a huge area of ​​the continent, and divides it from North Africa into two unequal parts by area.In spite of the importance and breadth of the territory of sub-Saharan Africa, there are the least developed countries of the continent whose main occupation is farming.Some countries are so poor that they have no railways, and movement within it is only with the help of passenger, freight transport by road, the residents move on foot, carrying loads on their heads, sometimes overcoming great distances.

Saharan Africa - is a collective image.It fit very paradoxical idea of ​​the province.This humid equatorial forests, and tropical deserts of Africa, and huge wide rivers, and wild tribes.For the latter, the main occupation so far - fishing and gathering.All this tropical Africa whose characteristics would not be complete without its unique flora and fauna.

Tropical forests cover a substantial area, which, however, decreases with each passing year because of the cutting of the precious gems of nature.Causes of deforestation prosaic: the local population in need of new areas for arable land also found in the forests of valuable trees, the wood of which brings a good profit on the market in developed countries.

impenetrable forests, entwined with vines, thick with lush vegetation and a unique endemic flora and fauna, are reduced under the pressure of Homo sapiens and turn into a tropical desert.The local population is engaged mainly in arable farming and animal husbandry, high technology, and does not think for good reason - on the arms of many countries are still present image hoes as the main tools.Engaged in farming all residents villages large and small, in addition to men.

entire female population, children and the elderly, growing such crops, which are the main food (sorghum, maize, rice) and tubers (cassava, yams), of which, after making flour and cereals, baked cakes.In more developed areas cultivated for export is already more expensive crops: coffee, cocoa, which is sold as a whole developed countries beans and squeezed oil, oil palm, peanuts and spices, and sisal.From the last weave carpets, make strong ropes, ropes, and even clothing.

And if in the humid equatorial forests so hard to breathe because of the constant evaporation of large-leaved plants, and the mass of water and air humidity, tropical deserts of Africa practically devoid of water.The main area, which eventually turns into a desert, is the area of ​​the Sahel, which stretches through the territory of 10 countries.For several years, there has not dropped a single rain, soil erosion and deforestation, as well as the natural death of the plant cover has led to the fact that this area has become a little scorched winds and covered with cracked barren wasteland.The inhabitants of these places have lost their basic means of subsistence, and are forced to move to other places, leaving these areas as a zone of ecological disaster.

Saharan Africa - a unique piece, which includes a vast territory, unique and original.It is diametrically different from North Africa.Tropical Africa is still a territory full of secrets and mysteries, is a place that once saw, it is impossible not to love.