Livonian War as a reflection of personality traits of Ivan the Terrible.

Perhaps, in the long reign of the Russian autocrat Ivan Vasilyevich, nicknamed Ivan the Terrible, there was an event that would be so clearly exemplified the all the ups and downs that are experiencing the king in his life as the Livonian War.The whole course of the twenty-five battles from its glorious beginning, until his ignominious end, was the direct result of progress over the years of madness, a sacrifice that the king has brought not only his life, and well-being of his country.

Livonian War began 28 years young and full of strength and energy of the king.The official reason for it was the beginning of the failure to comply with the Livonian Order of the agreements signed with Russia in 1554.These included the refusal to enter into any agreement with Sigismund II, the return of the debt for St George's Day for all the years overdue, and a number of other obligations.Once they have been violated, the formal pretext for the unleashing of hostilities was obtained.

After a successful conquest o

f Kazan and Astrakhan, as well as the conclusion of peace with Lithuania, the look of the young Ivan headed toward the Livonian Order.His obvious gradual disintegration give all the reasons to think that Russia able to get those of his land, which will give her the opportunity to unimpeded access to the Baltic Sea.Livonian War, the causes of which were clearly a geopolitical character, was started in 1558 and up to 1561 brought the Russian Tsar only victory.Narva and Dorpat fell almost without resistance, the siege of Riga led to the preparation of the treaty on the vassal land of the Livonian Order from Russia.But a short break during the war, became the first devastating mistake has led to what the tsarist army ganged up against just three powerful states - Poland, Lithuania and Sweden.

This successful Livonian War ends and begins a long history of alternating success and failure of war.Gradually changing world of Ivan the Terrible, and he sees all around the betrayal begin mass repressions.By 1564, they reached such a scale that the former king's loyal friend Prince Kurbsky forced to leave the country.At the same time Lithuanians begin siege of Polotsk, recently captured by the Russian army.King, trying to deal with setbacks and gradually sinking into the abyss of madness in 1565 establishes oprichnina.

Absorb the fight against slave only to him "internal enemy," the king destroys many talented generals, kills a huge number of his subjects, depriving the army of fresh reinforcements.The war in this period is the sluggish nature of the Lithuanians gradually capture the fortress belonging to Russian, and in 1569 as a result of an alliance with Poland, both countries are united into one.Now, the main enemy, which must be overcome in the Livonian War, becomes Rzeczpospolita.

In the early 1570s Ivan the Terrible decides to take a decisive attempt to defeat and besieging Revel, simultaneously captures several fortresses.But the king can no longer think so brilliantly as before, many years of debauchery, drunkenness and mood swings took their toll, and at the helm of the army is not sensible and brave soldier, and a man with a bruised psyche, tend to change their decisions and are not deprived of a fair sharecowardice.

Next Russian has won just passed in the start position - fell Polotsk, Narva, Great Luke, waged a long and exhausting siege of Pskov.

In 1582-83 years the Livonian War, the results of which were highly unfavorable for the Russian tsar, the world ends with the signing.Treaty of plussa and Yam Zampolsky world nullified the successes of the Russian army.The Baltic Sea has remained Russia's dream, to realize that there is another king in another century.