The war in Ossetia: the history of the great lies and shameful cowardice.

Date 08.08.08 for most people in Ossetia, as well as for a huge number of Russians who are unlikely ever to be associated with the start of the Olympic Games.That night, when the peaceful and unarmed Georgian tanks entered Tskhinvali, everything else ceased to be important.And for a long time in the memory will not athletic achievement, and tears, pain, and a ton of lies from the rubble and that today it is difficult to extract a grain of truth.

war in South Ossetia in 2008 has a very short history - it lasted less than a week, but its trail of blood touched too many, that it has gone unnoticed.Meanwhile began at midnight on August 8 shelling of the sleeping city and the completion of the military operation "forced the Georgian authorities to peace", dated August 12 - two thousand deaths and almost completely destroyed the ancient city.

As shown by the Georgian military brutality and senselessness of the war crimes committed by them in South Ossetia did not know unparalleled in the modern world.The

only comparison that makes the witnesses of those events - this is the most terrible episodes of the Second World War.It is hardly possible to imagine that in today's world of civilized people are capable of pressure tanks of pregnant women and the elderly, whole families live burn and throw grenades into the basements with people.But, unfortunately, it was.There were bayonets, vonzennye members of elite military units of Georgia in the belly of a pregnant woman were tanks davivshie children, were burned alive with their own cars the family.

It would seem that the war in South Ossetia has opened the world's eyes on the madness is not only the president of independent Georgia, but also in frank insanity of his soldiers, because no matter what you did not receive the order, but you decide to pull the trigger, pointing the gun at the child.But somehow incomprehensible to a reasonable person, all happened quite differently.On the Russian peacekeepers, who with their lives saving the civilian population of Tskhinvali from the senseless carnage of the Western press poured buckets of dirt.

Russia's actions were called Georgian aggression against the free people, an attempt to capture the independent country, and the Russian authorities, with the most thick black paint, turned to tyrants dream of seizing new land.More than loyalty to the United States Secretary of State of Georgia forced to stand on the side of Saakashvili and declare that the war in South Ossetia in 2008 was entirely provoked by the Russian side.Western propaganda, as if remembering the Cold War, frantically began to accuse Moscow of all mortal sins, not sparing epithets and creating a picture almost Nazi Germany.To this day, evaluate the west against this war are far from ambiguous.

Even shameful facts escape "elite" troops, to understand that they will have to deal not only with the unarmed old men, and with these soldiers, did not find coverage in the foreign press.Meanwhile, the war in Ossetia, like a litmus test, revealed unfathomable and inexplicable cowardice of Georgian military, which left not only the battlefield, but also their places of permanent disklokatsii during the stampede.

Against this background, funny statements were an attempt to justify the Georgian authorities that the Russian tried to get to Tbilisi.If we would have tried it have come to - is unlikely there would be even a dozen brave Georgian soldiers have embarked on the way of a truly professional army.

war in South Ossetia has led to tragic results: the ruined city recovered more than one year, diplomatic relations between Moscow and Tbilisi have ceased to exist as such, but the worst thing is not the point.The most terrible thing - it's the realization that in today's world, there are people ready for the orders of his half-mad leader awaken a sleeping beast and begin to tear, kill and burn, without considering the consequences.