The economic security of Russia at the present stage of social development

Modern society lives in the context of globalization, which is like any other socio-economic phenomenon, not only has positive aspects, but also bears for a very tangible danger, one of which is that many of the changes in the world geopolitical processes go faroutside the State, acquire greater independence and therefore inoperable.Special priority is the economic security of the country received more recently, in the late twentieth century.Global economic problems affecting Russia as no other country on the planet.This is due to the historical events of the last decade of the 20th century, it was at this time the economy went through a difficult period of reform and stronger global crisis.

general need for security is a basic human need and the whole society and the state.This term has been known since the Middle Ages and the people came to the present day without losing its core values.In our country, the concept of security has been used relatively rarely, the first Russian state security is mentioned in 1881 in the "Regulation on measures of public order," and the term "economic security of Russia" first entered the regulations until 1996.At the same time, the country adopted a strategy of economic security of the Russian Federation, and the problems of the economy do not occupy the last place in the National Security Concept in 2000.

The country's economy is its most important characteristic.The economic prosperity of the country, the higher the standard of living of its population.Two fundamental characteristics of the economy of any state are security and stability.The more stable economic system of the country, so it is viable, in this case, the assessment of its security will be very high.The concepts of "economic security of Russia" and "sustainable economic development" are essential conditions of life of society of the country.The development of the economy also have a positive effect on ensuring its security.

economic security of Russia is a complex set of specific conditions and factors which are, in turn, are necessary to ensure the independence of the national economic system, its sustainability and stability, continuous development and improvement.

Economic Security of the Russian Federation is characterized by the presence of the necessary resources to maintain the standard of living of the population in the current and near future.This term is often used in macroeconomics and implies the existence of production in the country in a state in which the socio-economic stability and the process of economic development is provided irrespective of any external influence.

economic security of Russia consists of three main components:

  1. security of employment.One of the main duties of the state is the need to ensure that the population of the country the possibility to engage in active work in a safe for life and health conditions.
  2. Saving solvency.The main gold reserves of the country, as we know, it is concentrated in the central bank or treasury.The solvency of the state also depends on the level of its GDP, exports, monetary currency liquidity.
  3. planning cash flows in the future.Proper planning ensures the stability of cash flows of the economy and its development.

economic security of Russia is part of a system of public security and is considered, along with its components such as the provision of defense capability, protection from disasters and environmental emergencies, maintaining a peaceful environment in the society.Moreover, all components are interconnected.High country's defense can not be achieved with a weak economy and the state, torn apart from the inside conflicts and wars can not have a strong and growing economy.