Natural rubber.

Natural rubber is an amorphous body, having the ability to crystallize.Natural materials (raw) - colorless or white carbon.Natural rubber is not dissolved in alcohol, water, acetone and other liquids.The fatty hydrocarbons and aromatics (ether, benzene, gasoline, and others) it swells and dissolves subsequently.As a result, form colloidal solutions, which are widely used in the technical needs.

Natural rubber has a uniform molecular structure.The material has a high physical and technological characteristics, readily subjected to processing in the respective equipment.

Natural rubber has high elasticity (elasticity).The material is able to recover its original shape when it no longer influence the forces that caused its deformation.It should be noted that the elasticity is maintained in a sufficiently wide temperature range.However, prolonged storage triggers hardening of the material.

Natural rubber at minus one hundred ninety five degrees transparent and hard, at a temperature of zero to ten degrees - opaque and fragile, with twenty - translucent, elastic and soft.When heated above 50 ° C the material is plastic and sticky.

it loses its elasticity at a temperature of more than eighty degrees, with one hundred and twenty degrees, it goes into retinoid fluid state, after setting the initial product can not receive.When the temperature rises to two hundred, two hundred and fifty degrees, natural rubber begins to decompose.The result is a number of liquid and gaseous substances.

Natural rubber is a good insulator.Furthermore, the material has a low gas and water resistance.

material rather slowly oxidized by atmospheric oxygen.Faster process takes place under the influence of chemical oxidants.

Besides all the other properties, rubber has plasticity.He is able to maintain the form which has acquired under the influence of external influences.Plasticity, which manifests itself in the machining and heating is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the material.Due to the fact that the rubber has elastic and plastic properties, it is also called a plasto-elastic material.

Natural rubber whose formula - (C5H8) n, includes molecules containing a large number of double bonds.The material is easy enough to enter into chemical reactions with many substances.Increased reactivity due to the unsaturated chemical nature of the material.Best interaction occurs in those solutions in which the rubber contains molecules of relatively large colloidal particles.

When you stretch or cooling the material marked the transition to the crystalline state from the amorphous (crystallization).This process occurs within a certain time, not instantaneously.Crystals have a small size, uncertain geometric shape, and the edges of their fuzzy.