What better headphones for music?

Headphones - a device without which, perhaps, can not do any music fan.If we are talking about people who are professionally involved in music or addicted to listening to the tracks in Hi-End formats - the criteria for selecting the appropriate devices with their party will be the most severe.What should I look for when buying headphones?What are the criteria for the selection of devices can be called a key?

Classification headphones

Decide what good headphones - computer, phone or music center will help us knowledge, reflecting the classification of the respective devices.The basic approaches to it, which are popular among Russian music lovers.

There are, relatively speaking, two basic categories of devices - "ear" and the full-size device.They differ, first of all, the size of the diaphragm - that is the key element that makes a sound.A common point of view, in which the value of the corresponding component directly determines the quality of the sound.This is partly true - if we talk about devaysakh one category.That is, it is not necessary that a specific full-length sample will be better than the "insert" - a key technology used by the manufacturer of headphones.There are perfectly adapted for people who prefer an active rhythm of life, headphones overhead.What are the best of them - well, most often determines the level of technology, implemented in some brand manufacturer.This pattern can be considered common to all types of devices.

With select music fan - full-length Soup, overhead unit or in-ear headphones?Which is better?All devices marked types have advantages and disadvantages.For inserts, obviously, more compact, it is convenient to carry, so to speak, in your pocket.Advantages of the full-size devices - that they are able, as a rule, provide a deeper dive into the music man, to create something like a sense of presence on the concert.While the "ear" allow a person to hear sounds from the environment, not only reproducible device - emulating a concert in this case is realized with difficulty.

When we decided to buy in-ear headphones, which is best one to choose?It may be noted that this type of devaysa can be classified under the other categories.Thus, there is a "inserts" which are placed inside the pinna or directly placed in the interior of the auditory canal.Which one to choose - usually determined by the subjective preferences of users.The sound quality is determined, in this case, technology brand, not structural features of devices.

The choice of full-size headphones

If we decide to stay on full-size device, it is useful to stick to what criteria in this case?As we noted above, in respect of headphones that are attributable to one category, generally working rule: the larger the aperture, the better the sound.But this is not the most important criterion.The fact that the full-size headphones are also classified into additional categories - open, half-closed, as well as those related to the closed type.

assignment of devices to a particular type of impact on their ability to reproduce sound at low frequencies, as well as user-level hearing headphone surround sound.In some cases, the assignment of devices to a particular category, and also determines the quality of the sound.

According to some experts in the field of audio equipment, closed headphones in the best way adapted to play heavy music.So, their design features are better suited to play sounds in heavy traffic.In closed headphones provide a high-quality bass response.However, the level of distortion to music on headphones open type is generally lower.

attachment method

consider other selection criteria headphones - mounting method.For many users, this criterion is more important than sound quality.This is logical - uncomfortable headphones can cause more discomfort than those that may reproduce the melody with some criticism.Regarding the "inserts", they can be mounted on the head by using a special bow, worn in the ear or by placing in the very ear.Such methods of attachment are comfortable for people who love to listen to music, wearing a headdress.

There Soup adapted for athletes.They are equipped with devices that predetermine special comfort of wearing them to perform a variety of exercises or while running.The usual way to mount a full-size headphones suggests involvement of the bow, placed around the head.The appropriate element may also be classified on several bases: such as, for example, the material of manufacture, the ability to change size.


Among the important criteria for the selection of headphones - the properties of the ear cushions.The decisive importance here is the material of manufacture.Most importantly, it does not cause irritation to the skin, and does not increase its temperature - or wear Soup will be hot.Also, some users prefer the subjective ear cups made of soft materials, the other - from flexible or rigid.

sound quality

As you know, a person can distinguish between sounds in the frequency of 15-20 Hz and 18-22 kHz.That is, no matter how high-tech headphones were not in the aspect of reproducing frequencies outside these - the average music fan will likely not hear a difference.However, the specified range is also complemented by the classification of frequencies in the low, medium and high.In this sense, the quality of sound is directly dependent on the ability to maintain headphones, all three types of frequencies.Another important parameter devices affecting the reproduction quality of tunes - distortion.Equally important is a parameter, the sound pressure.Some experts consider such important characteristics as the impedance or electrical resistance of the device.It is desirable that the corresponding figure in the headphones correlated with the values ​​in the devices to be connected.

connection technology with losing device

Another important selection criterion headphones - technology losing their connection to the hardware - the PC, phone, stereo.There are three basic methods of connection devices with the appropriate equipment - to use a standard audio cable, activation of digital interfaces - such as, for example, USB, and wireless connection - often through technology WiFi, Bluetooth, and various branded radio standards.

What to choose - operating at harnessing the wired interface or a wireless headset?Which is better?Both have both advantages and disadvantages.Wiring in general - sustainable.They are less susceptible to interference, do not require external devices - such as, for example, a router in the case of using WiFi-CHANNEL.However, wireless connections involve much greater mobility.Though - in the case using WiFi, the distance that data can be transmitted, is typically 30-40 meters - in some cases, the wires are long.

Adaptability headphones for your audio devices

audio standard used in the world, can be considered a model of commonality.In most devices use the same slots - 3.5 mm.Drivers for installation of the audio equipment to the PC, as a rule, not required.In this sense, to wonder - what are the best headphones for your phone, PC or music center - to have the opportunity to receive a universal response, involving the identification of devices best suited for any type of equipment.But if you think about the basis of what parameters to choose headphones for different devices, it is possible that the main criterion will be their characteristics in terms of compatibility with the appearance of a particular device.What better headphones for your phone in this sense - the ones that are successfully combined with the concept of design unit.

What Soup optimal for the PC - the ones that are likely to meet the user's individual style.If he is interested in programming, entertainment applications for Android-devices then it is likely to fit the headphones with original, daring creative concept design.If he is a fan of sports simulation - perhaps for him the best fit "liners", which implemented the concept of style, close to people who prefer healthy life.


Does the brand manufacturer of the device?Which company is best headphones?The answer to the first question - probably has.However, in today's market presents a large number of decent brands, actively competing with each other.In this sense, the choice between them can be quite complex.Thus, if we talk about the companies of one segment - is not easy to determine the brand of the manufacturer (many users do not even know who their releases, which company) headphones.Best Corporation, which introduces corresponding Soup, is often determined on the basis of the subjective views of users and experts.But if the brand - among the market leaders, it is likely due to the high competition, will always deliver a quality product.

Having examined the basic criteria for the selection of headphones, explore some of the more notable models of devices available on the Russian market.Many music fans consider them as exemplary.

brands: Denon

Among the most notable models of headphones from this brand, perfect for listening to music - the unit AH-D340.Positioned as one of the most accessible device in the premium lines under consideration by the manufacturer.If the music lover a question - what is best headphones for music, he can be recommended product in question.These Soup characterized by rich, powerful sound, high capacity, attractive design.Many people considered the headphones particularly positive about usability device.


other well-known brand manufacturer of high-tech electronics and headphones in particular - SONY.What are the best headphones to choose from a number produced by the Japanese company?Many Russian music fans pay attention to the unit MDR-1R.The sound quality provided by the device - at altitude.However, the key feature of this headphone - versatility.The fact that they use them equally comfortable both in a home listening to music or in the street, in a noisy environment.


What are the best headphones - in the spectrum of offerings from Yamaha?It is difficult to make an objective choice, given the fact that the brand produces a huge amount of high-quality species of high-tech products.However, it is definitely worth considering device HPH-MT220.

These headphones are characterized as belonging to the middle price segment, and because they can be considered available to the widest possible range of users.At the same time, the low price does not correlate with stunning sound quality, which enables the device.Many experts praised these headphones for the quality of materials, design, assembly.


soundly, affordable and high-quality solution offers a brand devaysa Shure SRH940.Experts describe this as a device capable of providing excellent bass support.The playback quality of sound basic ranges are not satisfactory from the experts and music lovers.Many users have praised the device for ease of placement in the enclosed case.


What are the best headphones for music, if we consider the premium segment?You can pay attention to the device T70, produced by brand Beyerdynamic.Data requirements headphones by audiophiles will probably suggest a slightly different criteria than the average when considering devices segment.If the terms of manufacturability sound, even the most affordable model of the average price level, in principle, no worse than the premium, the aspect of design, workmanship and materials used - the difference can be substantial.

For example, in many audiophiles T70 attracts scale of ear cushions, as well as their design, which assumes complete encirclement of the ear.As a result - an incredible immersion in the range of musical chords played by the device.Experts describe the sound on the headphones T70 as the purest, powerful, bringing the incredible pleasure of listening to your favorite tracks.


T70 potential competitors in search of the answer, what is better headphones for music of the represented in the top price segment - a device ATH-W1000X, produced by the brand Audio-Technica.Many experts regard them as the most popular in the relevant market segment.Regarding sound quality complaints, probably can not be provided, even theoretically, because the experts focus on the competitive advantages of other device.In particular, it concerns the materials used in its manufacture and, in fact, the concept of assembly.The specifics of the design under consideration headphones - available self-regulatory elements.Many users are also impressed by the fact that the cups are made of wood.This adds to the originality of the design, as well as contribute to filling the reproduced sound barely audible, but very pleasant shades.


continuing to find out what the best headphones for music among the premium, we can not ignore the Soup from one of the leading brands in the corresponding segment of audio - Sennheiser.Definitely worthy of attention Headphones HD-800, produced by this korporatsiey.Pervoe that impressive when meeting with them - upscale design concept.

sound quality, reproducible devaysom, many audiophiles are considered as a reference.Regarding prospects for data acquisition headphones, experts recommend to make sure before buying this expensive device that used sound equipment corresponds to the class, which is represented by the device.