Tan without problems: How to sunbathe?

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If you go to the sea, led to obtain a beautiful chocolate tan, do not forget that the sun can be both friend and foe.But many of us for some reason, forget about it.And in the end, instead of the long-awaited get sunburn problems.

damage that may be caused to our skin when exposed to excessive sunlight is directly proportional to the time spent in the sun.We'll tell you about how to properly sunbathe.Small doses (up to 10 minutes), the sun is only slightly irritates the skin, causing slight redness.

In high doses, it becomes inflamed, swells.Prolonged exposure to sunlight or fire with a very intense irradiation (for example, from 12 to 14 hours) can burn the skin, while it blisters and peels.

In addition, long-term exposure to the sun skin is not able to fulfill their protective function.It loses its elasticity, smoothness and covered with wrinkles.And in severe burns stops thermoregulation, which in turn leads to sunstroke.


1. an empty stomach does not light, and immediately after a meal.It is best to do it in an hour and a half after eating.

2. best time tanning - from 9 to 11 am.It is not recommended to sunbathe in the afternoon (from 12 to 14 hours), when the sun is particularly strong effect on the skin.

3. sure to cover the head and eyes when you're under the scorching sun.

4. During sunbathing not Quench your thirst with cold drinks or alcohol.

5. useful to tan a little salty to eat, drink iced tea.

6. If possible, go barefoot.

7. If you sunbathe in the supine position, the head should be slightly raised.

8. During sunbathing you can not sleep, it is not recommended as read.

9. Do not clean the body before tanning soap, rub lotions, colognes, toilet waters.Soap destroys the protective coating of the skin and its degreasing.Lotion, toilet water make the skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays.As a result, you can develop some brown spots.

10. to protect your skin from the sun and it can not be used to mitigate mineral oils - petroleum jelly, glycerin, since in this case the deposition of droplets, creating the effect of small collecting lens.And it can cause burns.

12. Going sunbathing, lubricate the lips colorless (hygienic) lipstick.

13. not recommended to cover the nail varnish.Let them rest and "podyshat."

14. not get carried away too tan: prolonged exposure to the sun, in addition to possible damage to health, accelerates skin aging.

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