The cognitive functions of the brain: the structure of knowledge

life of any person is unthinkable without knowledge.Even people who have no formal education, have to adapt to reality, to acquire skills and build reaction.Of course, this does not exhaust the cognitive functions of the brain, but these skills are very important for adaptation to the environment and survival.

in modern neuroscience believed that responsible for cognitive functions, mainly the area of ​​the cerebral cortex.A reservation here because many cognitive processes do not occur without the involvement of emotional brain, the limbic system.Here comes the motivation here is really attached to sensual painting.None of this system people would have lost all sorts of impulses to action.

cognitive brain functions include memory, planning, speech processing mechanisms mathematical information and spatial thinking.In order not to forget anything, let's start in order, with the memory.

Memory - is a translation of the information with which we are confronted, in a kind of "code" of the brain.And remembered not all, but only a significant, and here comes into its own limbic system.Often emotionally charged events are remembered all my life, and the right information seems banal emotional brain - not memorized.So emotions control us.For memory the responsibility of all areas of the brain, depending on what kind of information we are trying to remember.And in memory stores more than you need information - it is sometimes a "pull" from memory hypnotists.The person to whom it was difficult to remember drawing, often still recognize him among the hundreds of similar.So to remember a sin to complain - we just do not know how to work with it.And if she is suffering, suffering, and other cognitive functions, such as planning.

planning Knows the anterior lobe of the cortex.Neuroscientists believe that it is "live" consciousness.And self-control.Therefore, people with an injury of this part of the brain becomes uncontrolled, impulsive individuals who were unable to fit into society.Besides that professional knowledge is not affected.The right lobe live intuition and foreboding, left the share making human analyst.Because of the right lobe of the work we are experiencing negative emotions, but left makes us happy.Indeed, should a person start to plan something - and fears go away.And without analyzing the situation they are amplified.So switch between these zones.

Every little kid - brilliant linguist.He is able to create a model in my mind of the native language or even multiple languages ​​in the first three years.Speaking of languages.Sometimes pronounce the term "cognitive function of language."This concept - of linguistics, and it means that the language becomes a code, a means for understanding the world man.Recent studies show that, for the creation and understanding of speech is necessary not only the left hemisphere, but also right.Otherwise, people will not be able to understand the general meaning of a joke or a story from the life of a friend.Separately understand phrases, but something to laugh - not guess.

Cognitive functions include and mathematical ability.Many consider themselves incompetent in the oral account and give up, trusting the calculator.As a result, many adults can not even roughly calculate the amount of purchases in the shop or check the receipt of the restaurant.These are savvy traders in the markets.However, not all so sad, it is possible to regain lost cognitive function, if you can make yourself to exercise regularly.It's like fitness - the more time spent, the more results, although each has its own rules.

Finally, the spatial thinking.Some people work well with a compass and map, instantly marking all terrain even think they are free to draw accurate maps.And others even difficult to find the street.What if the cognitive function is not on the level?Forgot your high-school drawing, coming up with bizarre objects, paint them in different angles, and then check to give to the person who "can draw a card."

So, in whatever state or were your cognitive function, the situation can be changed by means of labor for the better.