The method of brainstorming - Creative by the rules

Creative generally subject to rules is bad, especially when you want to create the idea of ​​the team.However, there is one way of working to solve this problem, which may have heard everything.Yes, it will be about the method of brainstorming.He became so fashionable that necessarily being promoted leader to use it.

There are certain rules of brainstorming that make this method so effective.These peculiar "laws" can not be changed, otherwise there will be a decent result.Brainstorming techniques can not only find a stunning idea, but, if done right, it helps to ensure that the group participants feel one.

most important stage - the generation of ideas.It belongs to him, most of rules.Actually, this step only requires the involvement of the whole team.One man, in principle, can also be used brainstorming techniques when working on any issue, but his thinking is limited to the experience of one man and, of course, psychological type.And teamwork allows to go beyond these borders.

brainstorming techniques dictates the most important rule: the idea is not to be evaluated as to team members or want to praise someone else's idea, according to the rules you can not do that.But to develop and deepen the idea of ​​someone else can.At this stage, one can not be "too realistic", it does not say that something will not work or will occur in any side effects.So it is impossible to discuss the idea in principle, because it will inevitably lead to the assessment.Options should be formulated as a solution, and seemingly foolish ideas can be the basis for a very unusual and effective options for solutions, which is why it is impossible to criticize even the wildest of them.Absolutely all thoughts should be written to the media, there are no bad ideas for those who use brainstorming techniques.For their assessment requires forces that should be reserved for the generation options.

next rule - Encourage "wild" and incredible ideas.It is in this case, solutions are born, which ultimately are the most simple and bright.If you are engaged in commercial activities, such variants are at a premium.Do not be afraid to exaggerate and even to bring to the absurd.The ancients did not knowingly say that anarchy is the mother of order.From the point of absurdity often obtained simply stunning and profitable ideas.

remember another rule - at the stage of generating ideas is important is not the quality and quantity.Delete 90% of the list is never too late, so the more ideas, the greater the chance that one of them will suit optimally.Each of them should be stated briefly that all could simultaneously keep an eye on.

should remember one more rule - to develop ideas with each other, it is not individual work, where the authorship is important, therefore, continue and share each other's thoughts.Let other people's options to inspire your own creativity, it's not just possible to find the perfect option, but also help you and the author of the original idea of ​​becoming closer to each other psychologically.In general, both abilities are important: as an opportunity to create a new idea, and the ability to adapt to others and make the most of their one hundred percent efficiency.

last rule is extremely important technique - it is important to create a favorable psychological environment in which all participants are equal and can express any ideas completely.The group leader should encourage the participation of everyone in the team.

assessment phase better to trust a few people from the category of taking a decision on the issue, and never should be noted the authorship of an idea.So you create an atmosphere of trust, the next time the method worked even better.