The revolt of Spartacus

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Spartacus Rebellion occurred in Italy in 73-71 BCThe revolt began in Capua slaves with conspiracy gladiator school of Batiatus.Some 70 conspirators led by Spartacus fled to Mount Vesuvius.Fortifying there, runaway slaves began raiding the wealthy estates of Campania.Squad quickly replenished runaway slaves and soon there were about 10 thousand people.Against them three thousand, and then ten thousand troops of the Romans were defeated by the rebels.

from the campaign uprising quickly spread to the southern region - Lucania, Apulia and gross.Spartacus Army by that time become more organized, has been established military discipline, the servants came weapons seized from the Romans.In addition, in the camp was established by the production of weapons of slaves.Spartacus Army was built on the model of the Roman.The revolt of Spartacus was different from all the slave revolts in Sicily that the leader has not declared himself king, passing the solution of all military affairs council meeting of commanders and soldiers.

in '72 against the rebels of the Roman Senate had sent two army under the consuls Gellius and Lentulus, which meant rastsenivanie Rome situations as extremely dangerous.One of the army was able to destroy separated from the main army 30000th detachment of slaves, which was led by Crixus.But the plan environment Spartacus Roman armies did not manage to implement.Spartak was able to separate the Roman armies and defeat them one by one.The revolt of Spartacus is in the process of its greatest strength.

rebels went on the Adriatic coast the whole of Italy.Reaching the province of Cisalpine Gaul, they were able to destroy the Battle of Muchine troops proconsul Cassius.In all likelihood, Spartak tried to pull its army out of Italy.But after the victory won over Cassius, he suddenly turned his army back to the south, and went along the Adriatic coast.

At that time, the Senate gained 6 new legions and combined them with the surviving consular troops.The Roman army at this time consisted of about 40 thousand people.Commander was appointed rich slaveholder Licinius Crassus, who was able to restore discipline in his troops and began the persecution of the slaves, led Spartak.The uprising at some time has passed the stage of calm.

Spartak tried to get to Sicily, to negotiate with the pirates for the supply of their ships.He managed to reach the Strait of Messina, but failed to settle on pirates: slave ships did not get.Crassus managed to cut off the army Spartak on this stretch of land, a break from sea to sea ditch, strengthening it and thus separating from the rest of Italy.

to break through the fortifications Spartakovskaya military had to exert a lot of effort and lose about 2/3 of its members.The revolt of Spartacus at the time was experiencing one of the most difficult stages.However, the rebels were able to quickly replenish its army, bringing it back up to 70 thousand.Spartak went to Brundisium, planning to go to Greece.In response, the Senate sent to meet them, the Spanish army of Gnaeus Pompey, and a detachment of Thrace under the Lucullus brand.On the border of Lucania and Apulia was a decisive battle with the rebel army of Crassus.The battle was lost about 60 thousand slaves, one of whom was himself Spartacus.Survivors (about 6000) were crucified along the road from Capua and Rome.Scattered groups of slaves continued to battle in different parts of Italy a few years after the uprising.

revolt of Spartacus, whose history is one of the most impressive among the rebellions of antiquity, was, however, doomed to failure, because at this time of the slave system experienced its peak for the abolition of slavery was no prerequisites.The slaves were divided into classes (rural, urban, intelligentsia), and therefore have different interests that prevent them to develop a common program.However, the uprising was very important in the history of the Roman Empire: it has accelerated the emergence of a powerful centralized empire, because slave owners realized how much need a strong government to prevent such riots.