What are the board to draw a marker?

in your apartment and office, too, interspersed hanging stickers with reminders and children's drawings?It is time to bring order to collect all the records in one place.And to help in this board to draw a marker.What kind of accessories and to whom are they necessary?

for home

All children love to draw, and often become an easel furniture or wallpaper.An excellent solution to this problem would be the children's drawing board marker.Today, the market can find versions made in different designs that fit perfectly into any interior.This accessory is already interested in the baby around two years, and teenagers will enjoy.It is most advantageous to purchase a metal drawing board.On the surface of paper sheets can be attached by means of magnets.This greatly expands the possibilities for play and learning.For example, you can use the board as an easel or attaching the printing of school rules and formulas.Like such an unusual accessory for adults.Drawing board marker will allow family members to leave

each other messages or make shopping lists.

Why board with markers in the office?

often acquire this accessory for the office.Drawing board are indispensable during presentations and meetings.They can be used as a screen for showing films with the projector.For office it is also advisable to purchase a metal board, allowed to attach visual materials using magnets.The optimum location for this accessory - a conference hall.It is useful and designer of the company, and any employee who loves to leave yourself reminders.Board for drawing a marker for the office can be done in a restrained design and have a modest metal frame or a chic baguette made of wood.The choice is done, focusing on corporate identity and other elements of the interior.Often this type of accessories used in stores or malls.On the drawing board is convenient for visitors to post information about current promotions and special offers.

How to choose and use the drawing board?

First of all, is to determine the size and type of attachment.The most popular of the board with their own support or fastened to the wall.It is worth remembering that there are also smaller versions of desktop or children's drawing surface, built in desks.And remember that some boards to draw a marker is to use only special pens and special composition for cleaning.Others are suitable for normal cleaning and polishing.You can not on the boards for chalk marker.But there are two-sided easels in which one side is designed specifically for small-scale, and the second - for the markers.Pay attention to the strength of the coating.Metallic paint marker boards are covered with special enamel, which over time may crack or stain.The glass is more durable, but they will have to use only for its intended purpose, as the leaves on the magnets attach fail.