The respite from the army on their studies: What You Need to Know

In accordance with the Federal Law №53 «On Military Duty and Military Service" all male citizens who have reached military age, must report to the department of the military commissariat to undergo a medical examination, and the draft board.Not all of the young men, the last commission will be called up for military service.Young people who are trained in educational institutions, are fully entitled to the deferral.Consider that a respite from the army on their studies.

Currently training at an educational institution at any level is a legitimate and indisputable basis for the provision of the Military Commissariat of delaying.But in order to get it, you need coming to the commission submit a certificate of some form of a young man studying in school, college or institution of higher education.The respite from the army on their studies may be granted during a personal appearance at the draft board.

Some military conscription is practiced in absentia deferral, but they are in some way violate the order established by the legislation.This often happens when a young man went to another city to study, not before that she appeared to the military account.Therefore, to arrive at the Commission on the place of residence, he has no chance.

Now that the boys finish school eleven years, 18 years (beginning of military age), they note, studying in the graduating class.Departments military commissioners also induce recruits to the commission, but with the help of the school they are given a deferment from the army on their studies.In the spring call, which lasts until July 15, the guys who are going to continue their studies in secondary or higher education institution, write an application for a postponement for the receipt and bring a copy of the results of the exam.In this case the draft board can give respite before the next recruiting campaign (before October 1).This became possible only recently, in June 2011, after amending article 24 of the law "On Military Duty and Military Service."

deferment of military training is valid for as long as the young people successfully learn in vocational school, college or university.But it is worth remembering that every year, before the start of the autumn conscription should be given to the department of the military commissariat, which was given a delay, a certificate on the form, where the date of the start and end of study, the course, as well as data on the accreditation of educational institutions.Those institutions and colleges that do not have state accreditation of specialties, which trains young people, can not guarantee that the recruiting committee will be given a deferment from the army on their studies.Therefore, when you receive a boy and his parents have to wonder whether accredited profession who wish to obtain an applicant.

also need to know that the delay from the army for students can be canceled, if a young person was dismissed for any reason (poor performance or late payment of training) and not reinstated on the same course.Allowed extension of delay for one year, if the young man was expelled, but returned to school, however, in the course below.If young people have not mastered the curriculum and went to study at another university with a first course, or chose a training in an educational institution of a lower level (for example, from the University College or PU), the right to a delay in learning from conscription heundoubtedly lose.Before you apply to college or university, it is worth considering, for studying the forces to be there: the student - by the desire to gain knowledge, and parents - on the ability to pay tuition.