Caster, spy and soldier Cornelius Agrippa

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Cornelius Agrippa was born September 14, 1486 in Nettesgeyme, a village to the north of Cologne.In his youth he was very advanced in science: mastered eight languages, it also attracted the alchemy and magic, he spent much time studying the Kabbalah and the occult literature.

Agrippa began his service with the court office of the Secretary Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany, who then sent Agrippa to Paris as a spy.Being at the service, which was to be his test of fitness for his future career, Agrippa became involved in local political games and was forced to leave Paris and go to the office.

At the age of twenty-four years old, already having extensive knowledge, Agrippa wrote a three-volume work "On Occult Philosophy," which was the sum of all the magic and the occult knowledge of the time.Agrippa argued that magic has nothing to do with the devil.He believed that man is able to attain this higher power, exploring the harmony of nature.Agrippa has included in its system of astrology, divination, magic numbers, alchemy and the doctrine of the power of precious and semiprecious stones.They said Agrippa studied necromancy to predict the future, and conjured many demons.

In 1509, his caustic satires Agrippa antagonized the local monks and Accused of heresy, was forced to leave the city to move to England.After that, having worked for some time professor of theology at Cologne, Agrippa took a trip to Italy, where he enlisted in the army and soon was promoted to the rank of captain and the Auditor.

In Lyon, Agrippa became personal physician to Louise of Savoy, the Queen Mother of the French King Francis I. It is constantly detained him payment of wages, will not let out of Lyon and kept in poverty.In the end, he gave up the place and went to the Mets, where he joined for a woman who is accused of the fact that she was a witch.Deprived production Inquisitor Agrippa tried to blame the fact that it protects the heretics and witches.Then Agrippa himself came under the accusation of witchcraft, and was considered an enemy of the church.

During the life of Agrippa about there were a lot of legends, according to which it was considered a black magician.They said that it always accompanies the demon takes the form of a large black dog that Agrippa conjured demons and spirits, sometimes using a magic mirror.

also told that when Agrippa traveled, he paid the owners of inns gold coins, which are then turned into a sea shell.It was also alleged that some of his books on demonology had a mind of its own and consciously brought to the death of their owners, which fell after the author's death.

said once, in the Belgian town of Leuven, where Cornelius Agrippa was away from home, quartered his students could not help but curiosity got into the locked rooms of the host.There he found the spell book and began to read it aloud.After a moment, the room burst into a demon and asked why he was called.Terrified the young man could not answer and was strangled on the spot.

Meanwhile Agrippa returned and, fearing that the murder of the student will attribute to him, to revive the demon told him to take away the time and the market square.It revived a dead man fell and died again.

Naskitavshis the world, Agrippa went to Cologne, where he began to pursue a local inquisition.In the end, he was expelled not only from Cologne, but generally barred from entering Germany.Agrippa returned to France, but his discourteous comments about his former mistress, the Queen Mother, have led to imprisonment.

After the liberation of Agrippa went to Grenoble, where he died in 1535.

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