Natural stone in the world of known deposits and extraction method

Natural stone - one of the first construction and finishing materials that people began to use everything for the surrounding area.Despite the long history, natural stone has not lost its relevance: his popularity does not depend on the time, the country bandwagon.Today, when trying to replace artificial materials all around, pull it to the natural product is as strong as ever.

Ready stone - natural result of centuries of work.Figure stone created by nature, is unique.On the whole planet can not find two identical fragments durable granite, solid marble, onyx aristocratic.From the interior, made of natural stone, whether it's a marble statue or onyx lamp, blowing special reliability, confidence, peace, and therefore they are very popular.

on deposits of natural stone

undoubted leader in the production of natural stone is by far Italy.Rich deposits of the country were discovered centuries ago, respectively, the tradition of stone processing is honed to perfection.The majestic temples of the Roman Empire, made of natural stone, have survived more than one human generation, remained in centuries.

Secrets Excellence stone processing in Italy passed from grandfather to father, from father to son.It is no coincidence one of the most famous Italian proverbs reads: "Any Italian feels the stone."

No wonder this country is considered a kind of "brand stone": Only the fact that granite, travertine or onyx processed in Italy, gives these stones a special attraction is the unconditional trust.And this is one of the reasons why it is in Italy for the treatment of dumped more than half of the natural stone, mined in various parts of the world.

huge party coming granite, marble, travertine, onyx, and the master of painstaking labor over every inch of the material, creating real works of art.Customers happy with the results, is proud to say that the stone has been treated in Italy.

Today Italian technology and equipment have spread almost all over the world: they are used in Pakistan, Brazil, China, India.

course, various types of stone can be found in different corners of the globe.For example, granite - a hardwearing natural material, which is actively used by designers around the world - is produced in Bulgaria, Portugal, Brazil, Spain.To meet this amazing material can be also in North and South America, in Australia.

In Mongolia, India, Uruguay can be found with the original noble onyx veined bizarre.Especially generously endowed by nature with onyx Minas Gerais, the Brazilian state.

Travertine - warm shades of natural stone with porous structure - can be found in Pamukkale, a Turkish province, and Stuttgart, the German city.

With regard to deposits of marble, they spread out across the whole world - is Uzbekistan, Georgia, Greece, Italy, the United States, Cuba and Russia.By the way, the Russian marble is famous worldwide for the richness of colors, tints.

On the prospects of marble mining in Russia

striking example of the stability of traditional construction of natural marble in Russia is the Marble Palace, located in St. Petersburg - a unique monument of architecture and history.

Of particular value is the Ural evenly-grained marble gentle ivory, which is produced in Koelginskom field.Valued around the world, and also the famous marble Kibik-Kordonsky Pershinskogo and quarries.Irkutsk region is famous for its red and pale pink marble.

Despite the fact that the marble resources in Russia is very rich and extensive, until recently, in our country the marble was mined in small quantities.The main reason for such economical use of stone resources in our country is very high cost of production of stone.For example, on the Kola Peninsula and in the South Yakutia to the rich deposits of marble difficult to approach - cheaper to buy Italian marble.

However, modern technology allows to provide optimum conditions for the extraction of marble, and today the domestic marble used interchangeably with natural stone from other countries.

Granite - stone, which glorified the country

Granite, which is mined in Russia, not only boasts a dark color characteristic of the marble.

So, for example, in the North-West of Russia can find a unique granite rapakivi, which is characterized by a dark pink shade.In the Urals and Trans-Baikal region found amazonite granite, which is in color, blue-green and green, reminiscent of an emerald.In the Leningrad region, the Republic of Karelia, the Kola Peninsula is extracted pink and blood red granite.A pink and yellow stone, which can be found in Shokshinsky career, won world fame because of it were made just three monuments of world history: it is the sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte (Paris, France), a monument to Nicholas I (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), graveUnknown Soldier (Moscow, Russia).

On top of facing materials - travertine and onyx

in our country was found amazing rock characterized not only superior performance (strength, frost), but also a special beauty - marble onyx.A variety of soft tones simply amazing: it seems that nature is used exclusively pastel palette, painting the stone.Colour shades of onyx vary widely: from milk to gold, from pale green to brown, from light pink to amber.

deposits in Russia this amazing stone is not too extensive: Onyx can be found in the Primorye Territory, in Kolyma, Chukotka.

As for travertine, excellent facing and building stone, it is a symbol of the Caucasus.It is popular and travertine mined in Pyatigorsk.Since ancient times this stone decorated the city and public buildings, and houses.Find travertine can be in Kamchatka, in the Gatchina district of Leningrad region.

As mined natural stone

Today, there are three methods of extraction of natural stone:

- blasting method.The mass of stone drilled hole into which lays the explosives.With the explosion of rock fragments break off.The main drawback of this method is that a large percentage of material failure: wastes often reach a third of the extracted mass.The advantages of the method include the extremely low costs;

- method of air cushion.The rock mass is drilled the hole instead of explosives to put in a huge "pillow", which is subsequently pumped with air.So it turns out the explosion, but more gentle, so much of the material remains intact, there are no micro-cracks in the stone.However, there has not been without drawbacks: it is about impossible to predict exactly what kind of place will affect the explosion and in what area of ​​spalling will occur;

- method stonecutter.Stonecutter is a special high-tech equipment, with which today carried out the most rational quarrying.Stonecutter spares the material structure allows most accurately predict the outcome of human actions.And most importantly, using the stonecutter valuable natural resource is used as efficiently and without waste.As for the drawbacks, the only disadvantage of this method - its high cost.Production and use of stone-cutters - not a cheap pleasure.

material future

Today, the area of ​​production of natural stone, its use is growing rapidly.Special attention deserves the fact that the resources of natural stone on the planet are endless.Today, the methods of extraction of granite, onyx, marble are becoming more sophisticated, a transition to effective technologies that reduce the cost of professional production equipment, which allows to actively develop this sector.That is why for a material such as natural stone, and Future.